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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Baghdad-Brit, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I would throw this one out in case noone has heard about it.

    Go to My Football Club for the opportunity to actually be part of owning a football club.

    Is only £35 and looks like a giggle.

    Let me know if this has persuaded anyone to sign up (I have) or if anyone is already a member.

  2. If we can get 100million people together, we would have enough to buy Chelsea - come on, who's up for it
  3. The way they played against the mighty Villa, they have down in value by a few quid now!!
  4. Well, we must be able to get Derby for a fiver
  5. well I own 2 Million shares in Millwall !!! not bad for £500 :)
  6. did they come with a free flick knife and your own plastic throwing chair?
  7. Bought my ex a share in Rangers football club from the kids for christmas last year, how the hell was i supposed to know he is a Celtic supporter im only a girlie.....flutters eyelashes and sniggers..
  8. DS,I could find a use for these 2 objects!ON YOU :evil:

    I'll go bet a fiver we beat you :wink:
  9. Just give it to me instead, I get a couple of Pints of proper beer (mess prices) and the southern shandy swiller doesn’t waste it on a tarts drink. :p

    It’s not like you are going to keep it anyway, now if you bet that they don’t beat you by more than the mighty reds did, I might be interested in a wager :wink:
  10. A fiver oh come on we all know derby spend more than five pounds a week on hairspray alone they must be worth more than that...
  11. Bint! :p
  12. Saucer of milk taboo?
    We all know Derby are the only team that match their handbags to their boots...
  14. Need to invest your fiver in a calculator to keep an eye on that goal difference I think. I suspect you are in for a very troubled season.

    On the other hand thanks for enabling us to go top by means of your sieve like defending and giving our new lads some extra goal scoring practice!!
  15. Just waiting for millwall to fold as a football team, cos the ground will be worth a fortune to developers :twisted: watch the share price go through the roof then :twisted: