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He is an unfortunate victim of a society ignorant to almost everything that goes on in Afg. The rests in a number of places but I feel its more a lack of understanding than a disrespect for our brave troops in Afg. People either dont care or have little exposure to the reality of the ongoing conflict.


I say give him the chance to make an informed decision, so perhaps he might feel 'less queasy'. After a few patrols he might find himself in a compound that is taking accurate RPG and SA fire, then ask him if he would like the 'overwhelming advantage' of a few 1000lbs of HE dropped from the sky to make the bad men go away...........
oddjob said:
The following was in the daily mail 16.02.09..it reads has follows:The army,s new sniper rifle the L115A3,which can kill at over a mile,allows our troops to own the battlefield we are told.It has had phenomenal success in Helmand province Afghanistan.Our soldiers there are brave,no doubt about that,but i feel queasy about the overwhelming advantages they enjoy.Would we still be in Helmand if the taliban had access to jet bombers,helicopter gunships and one shot one killl sniper rifles?..

This was written by peter.mckay@dailymail.co.uk.

If the Taleban had weapons of this nature there would be no Helmand. They would have used them to destroy their own population and we could have happily wasted the poppy fields without worrying about collateral damage


I'll give him fcuking queasy, tell him he's pointman for a wee jaunt out of the FOB that'll make him fell more than fcuking queasy!

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