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  1. im 5'8 weight 13 st 6

    i would be able to pass all tests at selection run time: 11.12

    heaves: 5

    press ups and sit ups are fine

    however im a chunky monkey

    would they reject me because of my weight?

  2. your 28.8 you are just overweight for your size and not obese so considering you can perform should be okay - if anything they will let you crack on with selection and if you pass give you a diet plan and give you a goal to lose before basic.
  3. ok sounds good ive been training for 2 months now and have lost round about 6 pounds.

    im going for infantry is this still what they would do?

  4. as you train you will start to put on weight as you build muscle.

    i believe theres a "fat caliper test" at selection which determines the percentage of body fat.
  5. There is a Body fat calliper test during the medical at selection, unsure of the the requirements, my cousin was deffered recently for having too little though. I'm due to go to Litchfield for my selection on the 18th and this is the only thing thats playing on my mind. Don't get me wrong, im in decent shape now but having been a bit rounder in my younger years i'm not sure how a fair!

    My BMI is cushty but i think everyone knows that means sod all...
  6. When I first went to the careers office and they took all my details etc, arranged my barb test, I was told that I'm a little underweight. That's been playing on my mind ever since. I'm trying to eat more and all but if anything I think I've lost a couple of pounds since.
  7. When my cousin got deferred, it was for 3 months (i think), they arranged for him to have some tests because apparently it could be down to thyroid problems. In truth he has always been slim, i think he had a BMI of about 17.9 which is technically unhealthy...
  8. Start working at a pizza takeaway. I put on about 3 stone in 4 months, it was hideous.

    Or eat cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches three times daily. That'll put some meat on ya.
  9. That depends on age,gender,height and weight ;)

    17-28 is an average figure :)

    As far as the fat pinch test goes, its basically used for borderline cases where the BMI is over but the applicant your average "front row" :D

    Basically if the BMI is over and the recruiter deems that its down to muscle and not specifically because they are a porker then as long as the BMI does not exceed 32 they can be selected for ADSc, however they must then undertake the fat pinch which as has been mentioned is the calipers.

    Applicants must not exceed 20% body fat on that test ;)
  10. Oh shi* I'm 33% body fat. I'm off for a run lol
  11. 33% body fat? are you really sure about that? :D

    Seriously 33% bodyfat would mean you should technically (unless you are the height of a small bungalow) be either a Teletubby, Jabba the Hutt or an applicant for the Navy! :D
  12. I'm 5"10 weighin 90.8kgs
    I got the percentage from a machine at my local lesuire centre and my heart rate moniter tells me the same :S im screwed.
  13. What BMI are you?

    Not having a chart with me its a bit hard to tell :D

    But at 178cm my guess is that you are going to lose somewhere in the region of at least 8kg to get close to the BMI.

    I say that because i am the same height but around 85kg (although i am not carrying any blubber) and my BMI would be over if i were joining, which is the key here ;)

    Hit the pavements, cut down the size of the meals by half, increase the amount of meals taken in the day (that will sort your metabolism out and get the weight shifted).

    It will work, it might sound unhealthy to do it in medical terms but an average person can and will shift a stone in a month if they dont cheat on the physical side of it and manage to keep their arms out of the biscuit barrel ;)
  14. Those machines are generally inaccurate as you can altar your lean body mass % considerably through numerous factors. Don't bother with it.

    Shouldn't be too hard for you to shift 10-15kg.
  15. my bmi is 28.5. I was made redundant ages ago and I have a load of time on my hands. I really need a plan for a week. argh! im so sad now. im going for a run