Overweight problem?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by me_who_else, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi, is it a problem to be overweight as long as your fitness is fine, or is it likely that someone will say to you to loose some weight? honestly serious question. and also is it a problem if you do not loose weight? what do you have to put up with? thanks in advance serious replys appreciated
  2. wah???

    if its not then what do you think??? do you think its ok to be overwieght in the army? do you think your as fit as a slimmer person?
  3. no not a wah and am asking not for myself
  4. By definition, if you're defined as overweight your fitness is not fine. The key syllables that I would draw your attention to are the 'o' and the 'ver' that immediately precede the word 'weight'. This means more heavy than is appropriate for the task; ie, less than optimally fit for purpose, or to put another way, unfit.

    Lose weight chubster.
  5. Freddie Mercury and Monsarrat Caballe had a training song/video a few years ago entitled, ' Carcinoma'

    The perfect way to lose a few pounds in weight and cash.
  6. It is a problem for your blood pressure and heart and therefore makes you more liable to having a heart attack or stroke. In addition, if you like wearing girlie clothes, the rolls of fat make you look awful - especially if you are a bloke.
  7. Thanks for the answers. so ok admitted the person would need to loose some weight for being fitter, but what if its a bit difficult to get a healthy diet and enough gym and running time in when being on tour? sorry am not trying to sound too cryptic ;-)
  8. You will have enough oppertunities to get that on tour, but if you can pass your mandatory fitness test then fine, just if your like me and trying to look better naked then thats ok too
  9. Why can't people spell "lose" nowadays? I've noticed this recently on ARRSE.....lots of people getting it wrong? The yoof ov 2day!
  10. WAHHHHHH! Sounds to me your asking for yourself, as to regards as to being overweight, if you're the size of Rick Walla god help you the is no known cure. Being 'on tour' youll be living off rat paks and doing a lot of running around, dont worry mate you'll lose plenty of weight.
  11. Oi! This is a serious question! and i am talking about my BF and no this seriously is a problem cause he doesnt have enough running around time, more like sitting at a desk.
    So how are the possibilities in the given situation to loose some weight? what can he do? and please do not use too much terminology i wont understand cause i am a civvie so now thats cleared up :)
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Dysentry works or failing that try Ebola. Results are guaranteed.
  13. OK then, how much running around time does he have? In an hour i could sujest a bike ride, two or three miles, this will get him warmed up for a mile run. Obvously i dont know your boyfriends phsical condition so id recomend starting slowly and building up the pace and length of the running as his fitness progresses. Also if you/he contacts your local Armed Forces Careers Office, they'll give you/him a fitness training guide that im sure would be a great help.
  14. If your BF is in the Army then tell him to ask a PTI to devise a fitness routine he can follow in his current location. Most bases have some form of improvised gymnasium he can train in. If not there is always something that can be done even if it is only step ups on an ammo box or such thing.
    If he is overweight for a long time then inevitably he will suffer extra wear on his lower spine and lower limb joints so it is better that he gets into a routine now rather than pile on the pounds which he'll then have to work hard to shed when he gets back to normality.
  15. So not only is he a fat knacker but he's so thick that he's unable to ask this question himself.

    May I ask if you both met on the "Speshul Bus" ?