Overweight Couple Get Newborn Baby Back

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tango, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Two fat cnuts, I mean ...


    Honestly, if their own child is asking to be taken away, one of their SEVEN, then maybe they can be judged to be unfit (in every sense of the word) parents?
  2. Look at the puffy purulent wasters, they even look dirty. Seven kids! How can he bear to pork that hippocrocapig? Still no worries, we'll pay for everything, don't you bother.
  3. At least without the children they will be free to pursue their chosen occupations.
    I did chuckle at her comment; "..I pulled the needle out of my arm and ran (?) out of the hospital".
  4. They'll probably cook and eat it for Christmas.
  5. There was a piece on the story on Sky News this morning, and they didn't come across as being possible candidates for world's best parents:

    i) Unemployed with 7 (!) children - benefit scrounging fcukers
    ii) Hugely overweight - probably a thyroid problem, not their fault!(?)
    iii) ALL of their other children taken into care within the last year - obviously not because they're stuffing them with crisps and chocolate!
    iv) Their own children asking to be taken into care - 'nuff said.

  6. Sometimes I hate what this country has become:


    Stop eating lard you fat fcukers!!!!
  7. I honestly advocate NOT increasing benefits for the number of children spawned/hatched. Think about this: if they had to feed their brood on the same amount of money:

    a) Less chavspawn lurching around the streets.
    b) Thinner chavspawn.
    c) Money saved on benefits, to go to "better" causes.

    Win/win/win situation.
  8. Kill the fat scrounging fuckers. Why should we pay for their cream cakes?
  9. Fair one. At least in death they can be used, I've heard human fat can be turned into candles...
  10. And their chavvy tatts would decorate them admirably.
  11. Don't know about that ? The old master race says:


    Don't make sense to me - every time the missus goes through my wallet - I end up a few pounds lighter!!
  13. If we accept what the scientists say, then any of you single lads should pull yourself an ethiopian bird - they must be aboslutely loaded!!
  14. Dunno about Ethiopia, I've got this Nigerian Prince who wants to give me a third of his 20 million dollar fortune, result!
  15. Says it all really, doesn't it?