Overweight Behemoth Goes Running...or stumbling, vomiting and eventually crawling...


I am hoping some of you good folk would agree to sponsor me for the Swindon Half Marathon, which takes place this coming Sunday.
I am raising money for two worthwhile causes, Care For Casualties, and C.R.Y. or Cardiac Risk in the Young.
C4C is run for The Rifles regiment, supporting the families of those lost, and those who suffered injuries in the Line of Duty. For more info, please go to the JustGiving page at Chris Grant is fundraising for The Rifles Regimental Trust
C.R.Y. seeks to research and diagnose and treat those of risk of cardiac rosk under 35-40. I am supporting this due to the death of a close family member last year, aged 38, of a heart attack. Further info at Chris Grant is fundraising for Cardiac Risk in the Young

About Me: 32, overweight, not as fit as i should be, PFT's/CFT's are a struggle for me. A member of the TA for some time, i have wanted to do the half marathon for some time and finally got round to registering a month or so ago. However, i didnt notice that the training programme starts back in May, so i am vastly behind the recommended training programme.
Needless to say, many members of this forum would piss a 13 mile run, but for me, this could be one of the hardest things i ever have to do! If so inclined, please go to the above links and sponsor me, so i can push myself round the course thinking of the monies raised.
If you want to donate to both, thats fantastic, but i certainly understand if people just want to donate to one...

Thanks for your support (i hope :))
Good luck, a very worthy cause. And bump :)
Got a question actually, that someone might know the answer. In addition to my justgiving pages (see links above, oh and donate if you can :)), i am also rasing sponsorship the old fashioned way by pestering people face to face and use of a form. Is there any reason that once i have collected the money, i put it into my own account and then donate that total directly using the justgiving sites? That way, the charity gets the maximum gift aid, and i dont have to send cash/cheque through the postal system.

and.... bump...
Well, between justGiving, normal spondorship and my work donations, it looks like i will hit my targets which will be nice!!

However, please feel free to donate if you so wish, every little helps! As the event is tomorrow, i will just say thanks to all who have donated :)

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