Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jailorinummqasr, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. I have had a look at the other IZ threads, they do not seem to address this issue, however, MODs please move/merge as you see fit.

    3 Days into the IA battle for Basrah, I’m still stumped on w.t.f. we are doing with overwatch....no disrespect to the guys at the APOD but if we aren't engaged with the IA/local government whey are we still there?

    IMHO we either engage with the IA in a meaningful way, similar to the US approach with mixed units/real mentoring and training, or we accept the military have a really limited role, pull out leaving a Sy contingent and civilian advisors to support the IA Gov ministries.....

    As I see it we are stretched, and it would be better to commit resources/and political will to one campaign rather than split effort and risk failure in both theatres....discuss….
  2. This piece might put things in perspective:

    From the always interesting EU Referendum
  3. "This has the makings of a "Singapore" and a "Suez" rolled into one."

    Singers and Suez, two words that always get me going.
    I have said before that in my opinion Arabs make poor soldiers in a 'Conventional' Army.
    However they are very good when operation as a 'Guerrilla' type force.
    There are too few Brit troops in the area to get involved in a serious fight, Blur, Brown wanted an out , reduced forces to what is in reality 'Non Combat Levels' but looks good in Political terms and now once again Tom will have to manage the Sh1t.