Overwatch (Picket) list app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Available Now


I'm a combat engineer from Australia - I've just built an app that will make any squad leader / 2IC's job easier when it comes to guard duty / watch lists.

Most military members are familiar with the tedious process of generating a watch list for a group of squad members to fill - my app "Picket List" was built to help you get that list generated in no time, with no mistakes and with no start-overs.

You set the start and end times, choose which squad of members to use and whether or not the watch list has to be single or double staggered and you're finished - you simply touch on the Picket List tab of that application to see which member is doing which time slot, who they have to wake up etc.

You can save squads for re-use later, edit member's positions in the list and it all re-calculates the times for you on the fly.

Search for Picket List in the app store.

My site: Sawtell Software

App store: Picket List for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store



An Android version is coming soon - it's about 5 - 6 weeks away and I've just started building that version of this app.

I'm open to feedback / suggestions and I hope this app can be of assistance to fellow defence members.


Sapper Sawtell.

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