Overthrowing the Government!

(or do the party faithfully get to work it for him as an honour?)
Prototype gulag for being off-message, or does he only go there to meet Diane in the shed.
Prototype gulag for being off-message, or does he only go there to meet Diane in the shed.
You swine.

The Shed is a noble British institution.

A place of safety, of tinkering, of drinking tea from a thermos.

It should be beyond such horrific images of a fumble with the Abbotomus
(Without killing all the Police - and ******* up the Army)?

Those helmets the police use would surely make it easy to break their necks - they give a good leverage advantage to twist. I've often wondered why someone hasn't done this???
Also those metal things the police use to throw on the road to puncture tyres - surely they could be modded to go through boots - I'm sure faced with a riot police would form a riot line - I've often wondered why people don't throw stuff like that at them, they are not exactly dangerous weapons - but fook standing on one.
You don’t particularly want to hurt the police & army - except for the ones you want to break necks and stab feet
...from the wife, kids and the general world?

My friends sincerely believe I am on the fast track to some sort of British Unabomber.

My friends sincerely believe I am on the fast track to some sort of British Unabomber.
I happened to mention that I get my news from a variety of sources, some of them links from special interest* sites (Arrse) to a very Labour friend who was a teacher until fairly recently.

I was informed that as such, I could be flagged up as a potential 'school shooter' within certain employment groups. Said in jest, but obviously a reporting chain exists.

*May have been 'single interest' or summink 'cos Arrse is all Army right
Why cause trouble? Just accept that the people in charge are better than you, and that you deserve to be where you are.
May I also suggest that all Prime Ministers from now on should be declared to be living gods? That should deter decent people from applying.
(No need to thank me for this suggestion, I take cash.)
I'm actually a kind-hearted sort of nutter, so perhaps I should put you ( the OP ) and quite a few other people straight...'the government' and 'democracy' are like plywood sets in a cheap B movie. From a real viewpoint 'freedom' does not exist because everything in the universe is subject to rules, and 'equality' most certainly does not and never will ( actually no, I think there is a rather successful social engineering drive going on to make everyone equal- equally moronic that is...)...just have a look around you. The people who really run the show are unknown to us mere shit-shovellers, and they get what they want regardless. They are constantly laughing their ( hopefully very small and impotent..think Bernie Ecclestone) cocks off at the great unwashed, dancing around to ludicrous music in ludicrous clothes, bought for ludicrous amounts of money earned by doing pitiful, soul-destroying jobs, all of which is engineered for their amusement, whilst at the same time serving the more useful purpose of ******* up anything of intellectual, aesthetic or educational value. Politics ? There's nothing they enjoy more than people beating each other up over things which have no effect whatsoever on them or their plans...
Bread & Circus.jpg
So the USA did it with the American Revolutionary War, sick of the Brits ordering them about and taxing them etc.

Now we have Brexit and PM TM is proving herself to be a traitor and not delivering on what the people voted for - or at least trying to stop us from fully leaving the EU.

Now hypothetically if people got pissed off about this - which quite a lot are, how we they go about overthrowing the government without resulting to force?

The Army & Police forces are very small compared to the population and could easily be beaten if a civil war broke out - also they couldn't control much of the country - maybe a couple of cities and that's about it really.

If people just refused to go to work and blocked the motorways/ports/access to people working in the banks/City/Power Stations/Large companies the country would come to a standstill and the government would be crippled and basically need to resign. Anyway I've often thought about the best way the general public could 'fight back' in the event of something like this happening - what would you guys think would be a good way to overthrow the government (Without killing all the Police - and ******* up the Army)?
Jimmy has the answer. . .
Will you be having this revolution with tea and Jaffa cakes?

When this kicks off please remember we Colonials are a few hours behind, so please save your shenanigans for the late evening hours.
If/when it all kicks off won't all the tea be thrown into the nearest harbour/river?.
There's fuckall wrong with massive protests to demonstrate the public's dissatisfaction with government policy but I'll save my powder for when the internment camps & trials without juries are brought in for disagreeing with them thanks.
That will be if/when comrade Corbyn and his Marxist crew ever gain power.

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