Overstretched in the AAC?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by truthteller, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. I am currently serving in an AAC Regiment which by all accounts is completely overstretched.

    It doesn't matter how you try to word it, we don't have the manpower to complete our normal daily tasks. i.e. Even the MTO has stated that the Regt will fail its up and coming ECI, why? because every time there is a break in the calendar - someone from the top decides to throw a visit in or trg week etc.......

    I agree we must all have ECI training periods, however getting the whole Regt stood out in the cold rain for about 45mins so the master chip can explain how his new cooks set works was the final straw. Not to mention how long it took master chip and his chefs to set up the whole thing(tents included) where was the CO?

    Are you finding you have no one in work? do's someone keep filling in your husbandry time with a load of B*&&*ks? Despite the whole Regt moaning about NO MAN POWER is your hierarchy listening?

    When my CO arrived in the Regt he gave a good first speach about how he expects his Officers, WO's, SNCO's and NCO's to look down as well as up, well the time has come Sir, for you also to look down and listen!

    It might just be me, but if you find yourself in a similar situation......Discuss
  2. Truthteller.

    Have you ever thought about using a very old but effective way of telling your CO your thoughts..........Its called an interview. Just putting it on here is not what is needed. If you think he will listen then have a go. If you do he may respect you for it. A good CO will listen and discuss the issue and maybe give you guidance and education where required. If you are sincere in your thoughts then he should give you the benefit of the doubt. If he just mauls you then he is not worth it. Sometimes education works wonders to see the big picture......Up and Down.

    General Little used to speak to his men on a regular basis. Even Air Tprs would be listened to. If he heard crap he told them, but it was how he told them that was the point. If he heard a good point he would ask the person to elaborate and come up with a plan. If he could do it so can others. Best CO I ever had.
  3. I couldnt agree more with truthteller, we all work bleeding hard in aviation and pretty much no matter which of the major units you go to you will not find a respite from the constant graft of preparing for ops and then deploying.

    well you might say we are soldiers after all and that is what you get paid for and i would totally agree, but especially in aviation this cycle is relentless, in what other arm or corp would you find a single unit covering two constant years on ops and a third already pencilled in.

    The op tours arent even the problem, it is being back at the regt. where you have so many chiefs with the power and inclination to disturb everyone from their primary tasks to attend pointless scale 'A' parades just so they can feel important, look good in front of the CO and have some thing nice in their CR just so they can climb that next rung.

    Yes it is a commanders responsibility that all his men attain their minimum training standards, get their leave, try get some adventure training, pass ECI's and QA's but they also need to do their job as well sometime in between all of that. and NO! meerly extending the working day doesnt help.

    OP's are a welcome break to all the bull, a fews months away, extra pay, minimum bull.
  4. oh come on warden!

    yeah your co probably would listen and give you an interview but what about all the middle men whose toes you just trod on. Some of us cant just wander in to his office for tea and toast. I dont want to end my career before it has even begun.
  5. Over stretch naaa not in my Sqn......I am the SSM,SQMS,Ops SNCO,MT Sgt...I dont do sigs, ho yeah and a bit of clerking here and there. :shakefist:
  6. Learn the age old Atprs art of Skiving:

    Driving details that take longer than they should (swaning or on a swan).

    Walk around with a clip board ( might get promoted)

    Sort out Cam nets: always a good one after a night on the lash.

    Ask you local Bowser Mong, they are to skiving as fish are to pi$$ing in the sea

    Many Many more
  7. You cant be a clerk Ralfie! Thats far too much responsibility for you.
  8. Now now Taffridge,
    Or it will be back to the guard room for you and this time it will be the WRONG side of the bars!!!! :headbang:
  9. The Air Corps has always been overstretched. Back in the 70's Squadrons were luckly to get a couple of new guys a year.
  10. Probably true, but that doesnt make it right!
  11. Naked..........I dont even know if I have ever met you and if I have ever trod on your toes. If I did then there was a valid reason to do so. There may also be truth in the matter of overstretch, this is not being denied. Obviously you are another one of those who will just whine about an issue on this site without doing something about it. If you are in a position of command and cannot speak to your OC then you must also have a problem supporting your men in your command. The whole Army is overstretched but I would rather be in your position than that of some poor tw@t dodging 7.62 Short from Abdul and his mates. Once again.If you or the rest who just bark and dont bite arn't going to bother to adress this issue in the correct manner then dont bother whinging about it. Take it to the feckin kindergarten.
    There were lots of things that pi$$ed me off in the past. When I got to a position where I had the OCs ear, then I was able to ask a question. Some things changed some did not and I was told why. And yes I have been sent out of the COs office with a flea in my ear ( and a remark in my CR) about pay back in 1994. A femail ex trade unionist on the pay review team (Who now sits in the house of lords) got more talkback off me than she expected. Funny old thing though, 13 years down the line these same pay issues are now being addressed to our benefit.
    Just whinging about it won't get the answer you want. As said before if you think out your question and can back it up with a solution, then go ahead. But if you do not know the full reasons, don't shoot the shiaite. Its a sign of weakness. Willing to discuss further and believe me Ive heard it all so bring it on.
    As an after note,
    As an Air Tpr I walked into Lt Col Little's office and boldly asked if I could go sailing on Ex Silver Hawk 1982 (Silver Jubilee). The Adjt freaked. The RSM barked. The OC leveled off at 50000 feet. On 18 Nov 1982 I was on a racing yacht in Antigua.
  12. Warden,

    and just how long did you serve and what rank did you get out at?

    I think you will find alot has changed since your time old chap. Now donn your flap cap,drink up you brown ale and scurry on home before you get mugged old man. If he wants to whine, then let him......this is what this site is all about.....or have I missed something?
  13. Still Serving old chap and very happy doing so, 26 years wiping the arses of whinging girls. Oh yes things may have changed as far as deployments are concerned but unit cohesion has not and neither has the chain of command. Neither has looking after the troops and having balls to ask questions of the right people without fear of retribution. Yes let him whinge. Better yet...... let him do it in front of his troops........Thats when unit cohesion fails and apathy and complacency sets in......

    Nobody is saying he is wrong to ask the question but if he hasnt got the nads to ask it properly it is embarrasing to see. Anyway...My hat is on.......and I can sit back........drink my stout and watch you bitch about. Or even better..........I can wave you off on deployment to places hot. Working your ferkin nads off while Im sat in my nice office giggling. You should think about changing your cap badge to that of the girl guides.........No sorry.........They actually work hard and get on with things. Does your cap badge actually have an eagle in it or is yours a ferkin Cuckoo. You know.........sit in some other hard working birds nest while all the time doing Feck all and just getting even more fat and lazy like the parasite you are. The when you are older you can leave your work to some other poor unsuspecting hard working bird. So now I've had my whine. No you havn't missed anything.....Except the work gene by the sounds of it.
  14. "and I can sit back........drink my stout and watch you bitch about. Or even better..........I can wave you off on deployment to places hot. Working your ferkin nads off while Im sat in my nice office giggling".

    Hmmm and I wonder why people bitch when somebody as experienced as yourself ooze such crap from ones mouth....No wonder people are voting with their feet because units are full of Dinosaurs refusing to change to todays Army

    You sit in your crappy little orifice giggling while the rest of us go and get our arrses shot up.....

    Sir you are a TURD and sooner the better people like you are gone.
  15. Ralf,
    Although no longer in myself after 23 years, I still have a few friends who happen to be away on deployment every now and then.
    What strikes me about Ralfs words is that looking at his profile and record of posts, how does he manage to post so regularly and frequently when getting 'shot up' somewhere in the world?

    I am led to believe that internet access is very tight on deployment and merely keeping up to date with e-mails is quite a rush job at times.

    I can only come to one conclusion.....

    Ralf...Leave the fighting talk to those real people, in real places, in real combat!