Is it me, or does Browne reseamble Smallhausen from Allo Allo?
Is it me, or does Browne reseamble Smallhausen from Allo Allo?
More like something told by a small gang of NuLab PR spin merchants to look "right 'ard, now; you're in Defence, innit". Yeah, that's it, crease that eyebrow, scowl:


All in spite of the fact that he's a shyster specialising in 'child law', apparently, with a much more 'inclusive' and caring image:


Doesn't even change his shirt...


When the MOD were asked by the Select Committee on Defence to explain the distinction between what is meant by 'stretched' and 'overstretched' they were unable to offer any explanation at all:


Clearly we must fall back on a common sense definition in that 'stretched connotes the ability to effectively meet commitments within the resources allocated to the task but with little or no spare capacity to operate beyond it while the term 'overstretch' connotes an inability to effectively meet existing commitments in the absence of extra resources allocated to the task.

If we use this as a rough working definition, then it is highly likely that we are 'overstretched' and this would probably account for the MOD's reluctance to offer such a definition when scrutinised by a Parliamentary Committee and for which the Secretary of State for Defence now admits to what we already know.

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