Overstrech - Resignations

News at Ten had a big piece on overstretch this evening. I gather from a a friend in the know that in an avergae year the Army expects 150 - 200 majors to resign early each year, this year the projections are for 650.

A clear example of the effect that overstretch is having, an already hollowed out Army is being hllowed yet more.

Majors have a minimum of 10 years experience and have a large amount of funding and training invested in them, they will take 10 years to replace.

Is the situation the same with Senior Non Commissioned Offciers? I expect so?

The next Bertrand Russell ssay Prize Title - The army is broken - discuss.
There is an assumption that a set number of Majors will resign each year (as there is for all ranks) but remember that the 16 year point is a target for many and they will go once the immediate pension point is reached. It's not due to op tours, it's just a key decision point in the typical career. Any assumptions over and above this figure I would tend to take with a pinch of salt and wait for confirmed figures before we assume the worst.
Figures may include all the infantry majors who went on redundancy which would skew the figures for this year.
Could be one of the same - how ironic.
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