Overseas Transfer from British Army to NZ Army

Has anyone recently applied or been accepted into the NZ Army from the British Army?

I have completed my on line application and received a confirmation from Mrs Jan Philpott. My application has been with them for almost 4 weeks now and I was hoping that no news could be good news!

How long do they normally take to make the decision and any advice or help would be gratefully appreciated.

Cheers in advance....

2 years ago, the whole process takes roughly 12 months PM me if you want further info
I have applied to the new zealand army and have had conformation back to attend an interview, Has anyone got this far and could give me a bit of direction of what kind of questions they ask?

Many thanks.
My other half got his 2 Email back from Mrs Phillpot yesterday and got his first one back in 20 jan. The second one was requesting additional information. Hope this helps

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