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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by BedIn, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. I'm having to submit a return stating which Staff Colleges I have preferences for if, due to a miracle, stellar alignment and a series of very targeted coach crashes, I pick up on Main Board.

    The Options:


    Any thoughts? UK I'd imagine must be top to show willing and due desire to be thrashed with the best of your peers, but what of the others?

    I am a languages biff, so France and Kuwait can poke it. However, thoughts/experience of the others?
  2. I assume that you are talking about foreign staff colleges in lieu of ICSC(L) (as opposed to ACSC). That being the case, you will need to be firmly in the top 20 or so of the 300 or so officers appearing on the Beige List to even get a look in. If you are one of these ninjas and you do want to go abroad, then you should put your chosen one down as first choice (APC are not mind-readers!)

    There is (or at least was) a DIN on overseas staff colleges. My recollection is that some give you the psc(j) tick as well. Have a chat to your desk officer at your FCR.
  3. No - I'm talking about the Pink List and ACSC.

    I today received a letter informing me that I had filtered. It also had the Staff College preference return which is to be back by Christmas. Desk Officer is proving impossible to contact.

    I was wondering if anyone has experience of any of the overseas Hogwarts listed above.
  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    On the assumption that you're looking at ACSC ('proper' Staff College) rather than ICSC(L) I'd go for the UK one. Since they moved it up to senior Majs/Lt Col I gather it has become far more civilised. The Army beasting of term 2 is no more so you can enjoy it in the same way as the other two services . Lots of top quality speakers and the opportunity to consider your trade in the sort of way you never normally get the chance to do. Plus there are some pretty awesome social events!

    If you go overseas, you end up being just another floppy!
  5. Accepted that UK ACSC is the ideal. I was simply after some experience from others to inform the priority I put overseas places in.
  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Something worth considering is which ones qualify you as psc(j) as that may well restrict job opportunities down the line.
  7. Having found the DIN, all earn PSC(j).

    So it's more about sun, location and accommodation. Anyone been to any of the previously listed Overseas colleges?
  8. A former CO went to Canada, he enjoyed it greatly and has subsequently been promoted to Capt RN. Having spoken to another CO, who was the Senior Career Manager, he pointed out 2 things: it needs to be psc(j) earning and the UK course will leave you with friends through-out the (UK) Armed Forces at the same point in their career as you.

    He intimated that the UK course was probably the way to go, but if you were good enough, a foreign staff course would not hold you back.
  9. No. An old Adjt of mine went to the French Staff College in 2002-03 and seemed to enjoy himself. Lost touch with him subsequently and I'm not sure if he's still in. Anyway, surely the question that you should ask yourself is this - attendance at which seat of learning is most likely to stop me from filtering for redundancy...
  10. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I went to Canadian Staff College. Did my career no harm at all. Downside, you do not garner the UK network you would if you attended Shrivenham. Upside, travelled Canada, played ice hockey, went skiing in the Rockies, a great European road trip/staff ride, managed to do some of the USA as well. Toronto is a good place to live for a year. College is well organised and resourced. psc (j) on my chit - job done.
  11. Whilst ACSC is the sensible "head choice" there is a "heart" lure for Aus or Can. Mrs Bedin is tempted and whilst it may not be turbo thrusting it does appear to offer a lot of life experience stuff.

    I've worked with the Yanks in a Corps HQ and whilst I enjoyed it they do have a slightly intimidating work ethic. I suspect JAWS may therefore be a bit of a joyless thrash.

    France or Kuwait? I'm sure staff college can be tricky enough without being in "foreign". And I'm not exactly rolling in linguistic prowess.

    Of course, the Infantry filter at 3 to 1 and this is my first filter so it's all theoretical anyway.

    What I need to do is hit Lt Col to give me time to get two years substantive under my belt prior to the pension "tweaking" and then take redundancy. To think that as a subby I tortured myself over which Armd Bde would be coolest to Command...

  12. JAWS isn't the only Staff College option Uncle Sam has to offer (although it may be the only one which accpets Brit Mil on a regular basis)

    Intermediate Level Education at Leavenworth is similar in many ways to ICSC(L), but is aimed at more senior Majors who are about to progress to Bn command, and there is the additional option of a research thesis leading to a Masters.

    There's also BSAP at the Army War College, which I believe is a seriously intellectual environment.
  13. At least you've got a choice....
  14. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Having been 'fortunate' enough to experience the dry finger bum poke that was ACSC before it became lt cols' sport, I would advise going abroad. I recall that you were tolerably competent so, unless you still aspire to bde comd, I can't see it doing you any harm. Life is short and unpleasant enough without volunteering for what will still be a willy waving contest, so go and be the floppy abroad, play up the englishness, get loads of foreign mates who can give you holiday destinations for life and give the wife a break.

    Oh and congrats on main boarding - fight you for SO1 Pissed Mattress Store, Benbecula
  15. Let's not over stretch ourselves.