Overseas Security Advisors

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FrogPrince, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Bugger.... Now Everybody Knows :(

    Oh well see you all in London then :D - could be a good time for an impromptu reunion.... fill all the "old and bold" full of beer so they cant make it to the interviews and assessments without nipping off to the loo... always good for a laugh :wink:
  2. good news for you howayman:

  3. First time I've seen a half decent wage advertised for working directly for the government. It's normally something like 16,000 per annum for working in central London. I suspect they'll get their 100 days abroad (in our favourite places) out of you!
  4. Applied for the job after seeing this thread. Wrote the electric application/CV in such a way that I couldn't fail to get an interview (I thought) having being doing exactly what they want for the last fifteen years (military and commercial). But today I've just received my "Thank you for applying but ...." letter.

    It's that pompous phrase, "It is not the FCO policy to divulge the reasons for non-selection."

    Bit disappointed really considering my background, experience etc. matched the requirements. Did anyone else apply or anyone get an interview ?
  5. Dubb.... Don't be mate cause I got the same letter as you yesterday and I thought that I would definitely make the sift with the work I have been dong the last 3 years. I sniffed a closed shop and "lets go through the process" type syndrome. :evil:
  6. Maybe "The Minister" has told them he cannot spare any soldiers right now?
  7. You're right PF. Probably had someone lined up. Back to the shelf-stacking in Morrisons, then.
  8. are you an ethnic minority disabled lesbian?
  9. Kerching!!!!

    Wise words mate, wise words
  10. Me too. I've been doing most of what they seemed to be asking for for the last 12 years and thought it would be a definite interview. Must be too old, white, male and qualified. Or evil-smelling; can't get away from that.
  11. fill all the "old and bold" full of beer so they cant make it to the interviews and assessments without nipping off to the loo... always good for a laugh :wink:[/quote]
    OK so who are the "old and the bold" you consider yourself to be young and cool then?
  12. Could be, but I don't think Government depts would lay themselves open to the sort of likely reaction if they were found out. I once had an interview at a university (near Stoke, can't remember which it was) where all of the candidates gathered at 9 in the morning, one of whom was the post's deputy, who made it clear while we all drank coffee that he expected to be promoted into the vacancy. During the interview, not one of the 5-strong panel made any notes.... I must have been particularly slow that day.
  13. You guessed it..."I'm male, pale and stale."

    Mind you, if we had all got an interview it would have made a good Corps reunion ! Be interesting to find out who did get it, though. I don't mean names but just their background, experience etc.
  14. You are right Whiskeybreath , they would not leave themselves open that way. The job would already gone but they just go through the motions of having a board to cover themselves . Seen it happen!