Overseas nationals in the army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kiwi1938, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. I'm seriously thinking of trying to join the British Army, I was in the UK last year and attended a Para intro course and seemed to have done quite well and I'm pretty sure that is what I want to do.

    I was just wondering how do overseas people fit into the army?
    Do they get on well with UK citizens or are they sort of looked down upon?
    Is there many overseas people in the army or are they quite rare?

    I'm a Kiwi so I'm not to strange and on the course I went on, the people seemed friendly enough, even the people running the course seemed friendly when they weren't yelling.
  2. ****'s sake, gies peace.
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  3. Strength in numbers mate, just all join the same regiment - The Royal Regiment of Fij... uh Scotland! Think there's about 30-40 F & CW in our battalion, nobody's bothered so long as you can do your job.
  4. they have to recruit commonwealth squaddies because they need to make up the numbers because home grown applicants and recruits dont always fill the regiments so they have to rely on foreigners and pretty soon if they dont get the numbers up they might decide to recruit eu citizens and then the British Army is going to look like a foreign legion, if you get in good luck!
  5. Any luck on that recruiting drive for full stops?
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  6. If you decide to join the Jocks you have to develop a taste for Buckfast for some reason. :?
  7. Lay off the drugs or a CDT team may be round to you very shortly.
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  8. im a kiwi and applying. its easy.
    i live in london though so that might be why.
    if you want to join get a 2 year visa and come over! or use the link in post 3
  9. No probs whatever for Kiwis in the British Army.

    There was one in I think 2 RIFLES who was decorated for bunging a grenade back at the Taliban a year or wo ago and saving a life or two in the process. CGC or MC IIRC.

    Crack on mate. And go RIFLES while you're about it.
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  10. More here:

    BBC News - Soldier 'threw back hand grenade'
  11. spot on mate - there are always a few Kiwi's serving in the Rifles.

    Go Rifles.
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  12. How do you join the Rifles? Do you say thats what you want to join, or do you just say you want to join the Infantry and hope you get in? Looking at all the regiments within the Infantry I can hardly tell what all the differences are? As in difference between Rifles and Guards etc.

    Am I correct in think I heard they are looking for people in the Infantry? Meaning not many people want to join?
    And does that mean all Regiments are looking for recruits or just some of them?

    My first option was the Paras, but failing that my next option was rifles.
  13. I'm going for rifles mate. Born in Auckland. Joining in may. Have you started your application?
  14. Back in about 93,something like half of 22 Rugby Team was Fji, Samoan . Remember a mate (he was 22, me scaly) was asked to bring his passport up with the words "******* hell, that's a Zimbabwean one.. where your British one?" "ummm, never had one.."

    It was amazing how quick someone got British nationality (in about 24hrs). So not an issue, if you pass.