Overseas Medical Board

Hello All After 15 months and a Appeal for unemployability ive been told im being sent as i live abroad to a overseas medical board ! can anyone tell what this is and if they have had any experience of this thanks


As far as I'm aware DWP/WP/ATOS will have contracted a local Health Care Professional to conduct a medical assessment (NOT an examination) according to the criteria they set and will have supplied the forms for the HCP to use.

Under no circumstances refuse the assessment. Ask the HCP to confirm their identity to you (ID card or passport) and ask for their medical qualifications (they may refuse to tell you them as they are not required to do so).

Again, under no circumstances sign their paperwork unless it is fully completed in front of you (in case they add things/change things later).
The OP should:

a) Speak to the Embassy in the country he's living in (as that's where the paperwork will initially be sent) &

b) Speak to any ex service groups or individuals living locally as there will likely be others who are in front of him & can advise accordingly.


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