Overseas, IT/Telco Work (CTTS)

Can anyone advise me on the best way to get some overseas work in the telco/network industry.

I have my CCNA plus 7 sevens years general IT/Network experience, also just finished an ipt rollout.

I'm real keen on getting overseas but can't find anything suitable, considering doing a telco course poss CTTS as I'm lead to believe that these skills are more sort after.

Any info please

I am very intrested in doing the 6 week ctts course, just wondering what are they like, and did it help you get a job or are you doing contract work ??

to be honest I'm not too fussy on what role I do, just fancy getting abroad, last year I in and out of Europe on a weekly basis for Unilever, but this time would like to actually be based overseas.

I have a fair amount of network installs under my belt, i.e. network audits, installing Cisco switches, managing 3rd party cabling companies etc, but no radio or large WAN implementations.

I was speaking to a guy who's working out in Qatar who reckons that I would stand a much better chance if I had more experience on the cabling side, that why I was looking at CTTS.

Any info you have would be appreciated.


Well CTTS is the only course that offers SDH (synchronized Digital Hierarchy )
and managing PONs (passive optical networks) also CTTS students are held in high regard when it comes to cabling and project management. I can forward examples of vacancies sent to me if needed, it will give you an idea of what work is out there and the geographical areas?


For IT work, look at www.jobserve.com and search for your skill match and desired location, you can post your CV there too. Their are several other job websites that will become apparent once you start looking. For Germany, www.gulp.de is the main contractors site.
Hey guys you have all been very helpfull so far for helping me out with deciding to do a ctts course (6 weeks) i have made up my mind that i am going to do it but i do have a slight problem as i will be a beggineer when starting then once i have completed the course i do the work experience, dont most companies what more than 2 weeks experience and also do they manage to get your work experience in your chosen area ??

Sorry for asking all the questions but as i am going to commit my self to this i am doing all the research i can get from people that have done the course, also can you foward examples of what work you get sent to give me an idea

Try making it up on your CV. It happens all the time and to be fair if you feel confident you can do something and really want the job make the CV fit without overly blagging it.
I think the ctts course is the best , it seems to offer everything, and i especially like the part where they try to help you out once you are qualified
Mate i didnt even bother with work placement, as you dont get paid for it. I blagged like a true blagger with experience on my cv. Even got a phone call from Tesco,s the last day of the course asking if i could resolve a problem with their fibre, i was there a total of 25 minutes and got a nice easy £125 just for that alone. And that was one job, my advice check the jobs your going for aganst what your quals are, if you feel comfortable with your abilities then blag away.....its the way ahead.
The idea is to be looking at your next contract before your first runs out, there is always work in this field as obviously technology changes daily. And if you are going to do the course from April and after CTTS are going to be running a 3G course as well.
Thanks for all the help this have most certainly reasured me that going for this course is the best thing to do, just gotta wait to get back from Afghan now so i can crack on with it. Are they gonna do the 3G course as part of the 6 week package or are they gonna be doing it seperate as that is about the time i will be doing it

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