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Discussion in 'ACF' started by comrade-max, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Hello people
    i was wondering what overseas courses are availiable to acf cadets, i know theyre are some in canada but dont know the specifics, i was wondering whether someone could list the courses with their requirements?
    ta very much
  2. Impatient aren't we old chap? Some of us have day jobs too.

    There are three Canadian courses every year and only the best cadets get selected to go.

    Two wilderness / survival courses and one shooting course. For the criteria that your county apply, you'd best speak woth your CTO.
  3. I believe there are four Canadian courses - Argonaut, Whiltehorse and Bamf, catering for different age/skill levels and with the emphasis very much on AT at Bamf, and the shooting course. At least that was the case when I went to Whitehorse three years ago.
    There are also a few other things going on abroad involving individual cadet exchanges, hosting parties of overseas cadets in the UK etc.

    More foreign cadet forces ask the UK to get involved in exchanges and programmes than I ever imagined until it was explained to me by the chap who organises them at HQ Land during my briefing for Whitehorse. The problem is mainly one of finance (from the UK side), and the fact that some of the foreign nations don't see the cadet forces as we do, but rather as a hard-core training ground as preparation for National Service, which doesn't quite fit in with the ethos of cadet forces in the UK.
    The Russian army cadets, for example (yes, they have them!) have subjects such as unarmed combat and bayonet-fighting in the syllabus!
  4. This is a write up for in prep for canada 2007 (info from ACF website):
    There are many questions constantly asked by volunteers for the Courses so in order to further inform you all the following information is relevant for all ACF and CCF (Army) cadets:

    a. How much does it cost? The Courses are free. Cadets and adults need to pay for insurance which amounts to approximately £68.00 each and provide their own spending money. In addition each volunteer has to send a deposit cheque for £125 to cover the cost of changing the air ticket should they decide to withdraw for reasons other than medical. This cheque is returned for destruction just prior to flying to Canada.

    b. How long are the Courses? All the Courses are the same length of 6 weeks and start with a short induction period in the UK of two days and end with four days of cultural visits to the Canadian Capital at Ottawa. In 2006 they ran from Thursday 6 July to Wednesday 23 August.

    c. Where do the Courses take place and who is eligible? There are three locations as follows:

    1. ARGONAUT - The Cadet Leadership Instructor (Leadership) Course. This is run near the city of Fredricton which is the Capital of New Brunswick on the East Coast of Canada. Any Army cadet aged between 14 and 16 and a prospective NCO is eligible. Minimum age is 14 years 0 months on the Course start date. This is primarily a course to prepare cadets for promotion to Corporal.

    2. WHITEHORSE – The Cadet Leadership Instructor (Adventure) Course. This is run near the city of Whitehorse which the capital of the Yukon Territory and about one thousand miles north of Vancouver on the west Coast of Canada. Any Army cadet aged 15 is eligible. Minimum age is 15 years 0 months on the Course start date. This Course is designed to give cadets an introduction to the wilderness and offers long canoe treks and wilderness activities to improve self sufficiency and leadership.

    3. ROCKY MOUNTAIN – The Cadet Leadership Instructor (Leadership and Challenge) Course. This is run between the cities of Calgary (which is the capital of Alberta) and Banff in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the western central part of Canada. Any Army cadet between 16 and 18 years of age is eligible. Minimum age is 16 years 0 months on the Course start date. This Course is designed for senior cadets who are physically fit and robust and who will benefit from the challenge. It consists of six weeks of activities including rock climbing, glacier work and mountaineering, canoe trekking, mountain biking, leadership training and kayaking. This is a tough course and requires a high level of motivation and fitness.

    d. How do cadets apply? The Detachment Commander or Contingent Commander gets a copy of the Warning Order (dated 1 September 2006 for 2007 Courses) and helps individuals complete the relevant application form in the document. Detachment Commanders ACF will then forward the completed application to their County HQ for processing and forwarding to Bde/Dist HQ for selection. Contingent Commanders CCF send their applications direct to Bde/Dist HQ.

    e. When will the applicants know if they have been selected? HQ LAND completes the formal selection process by 26 January and publishes it immediately. Those applicants who have not heard by the middle of February are unlucky.

    Adult volunteers are also needed but the RCAC has no system of NCOs or non-commissioned volunteers so the vacancies are only available for ACF or CCF (Army) Officers. In addition, in order to comply with the RCAC system, as this is a bilateral exchange programme, half of the adults must have been to Canada before. So every year we require 3 volunteers who have been before and three new volunteers. The only other requirements are to be physically fit and prepared to fully participate and be able to give up 7 weeks in the summer on full PTDs.

    Detachment Commanders and CCF SSI or Army Section Commanders should get hold of a copy of the instructions for their cadets. Read about the Courses, fill in the application form and give them the opportunity to have a go at participating in a trip of a lifetime.
  5. I was on the Whitehorse course last year, bets thing I have ever done. If you are interested, get on to your detachment commander and ask him about it.