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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by plugbore295, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Tried to pay card bill today. Indian call centre( .arclays.) Allready done the security thing,on uk phone. Was asked again for details of account numbers . :x I didnt feel comfortable about it, asked to speak to supervisor. still not happy (stopped transaction). Is there some reason for this? I understand that all these details were allready on system, why do i need to disclose these again?Could i be getting paranoid as i age? :? Is there a time when you can use the phone to ensure you get a UK phone centre?will go to bank and pay over counter.
  2. My wife used to work at a wooflays call centre in the north east. Whenever she now phones, she asks to be put through to a uk call centre. The only drama then is having to try and understand the local accents
  3. Don't get me started! I am sick & tired of not being able to get service from a credit card arm of the bank mentioned above by plugbore as I cannot understand the strong sub-continental accents of the agents. I'd deal with all my issues online except that their all-singing all-dancing website has locked me out & to get back in again I need to ring India.

    It's also the lack of local knowledge that gets right up my hoop. I was once trying to get train times from Charlton (SE London) to Twickenham for a match. I was told it was going to take in excess of four hours. When I asked why I found that the call handler had for some reason routed me through Bristol & didn't understand what was wrong with this...

    Edit to add:

    It might just be a linguistic thing, but I find that the call handlers can come across as very angry a lot of the time. This especially happens when you interupt their printed flowchart of what to say.
  4. The only solution is to make the companies aware that you are not happy and then close your account and go elsewhere.

    Unless huge numbers of people do this then the companies are never going to change, why should they.
  5. Overseas Call Centres.....carpet bomb them.
  6. Luckily enough this problem is only very small scale here as despite their best efforts a few years ago the German language hasn't been exported to all that many places.

    The small amount of business I do have with my UK bank is done by post or may be one call a year.
  7. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    When you do close your account, make sure you give the 'reason for closure'. That statistic is studied very closely by top brass in banks.

    Sadly when I closed my M&S Card Account because they closed their Chester call centre and moved it to India, they 'didn't have a box for that'!!!!

    If it helps, Nationwide uses only UK call centres, and aren't bad. Except on Sundays when they seem not to have anough staff on duty.

    For Credit Cards, Post Office seem to have Irish staff, and they are by far the most helpful I've dealt with for years and years.