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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Proper_Gander, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. british spawn of expats here and still living abroad

    want to join the forces asap and for that reason i can only pick up temp work to keep me going. unfortunately there is no bloody work apart from the odd bit of furniture removal i can help out with. :x

    anyway i did the overseas application form to get things rolling on the armyjobs site 2 months ago. haven't heard anything since, not even a stinking email to aknowledge that it's reached them. did it again right now to see if anything comes of it this time.

    is there any point in it at all? am i just impatient? or should i just get on a plane and go to the careers office... or make an appointment and get on a plane and go to the careers office. :roll:
    where can i find the exact process on the british army website? i know it's there somewhere, i've seen it before. i need the info to organise myself.
    it's a flash looking site but the important info isn't always easy for me to find, i don't care how fun John Smith thinks the army is, i need straight facts.

    my original plan was to do another 2 or 3 months work like i did beforehand doing landscaping to get enough cash together. then move into my brothers flat in london and kicking off the process while working part time jobs to feed myself and contribute to my brothers costs.

    but with no bloody work here.... :x
    might aswell get things kicking because i'm turning into a vegetable it's doing my head in!


    what would be the best way to go about business?
  2. i'm in the land of cheese, watches and the bank secret.

    how could the british embassy help me? i'd've thought they'd just give me a brochure and show me the door.

    thanks for the heads up though!
  3. aye, that's where i was just before i made this post, and that's the application i completed and sent off a few months ago which came to nothing. (still i completed it again just before just to make sure)

    i'm eligible before you ask, 23 years of age, british citizen, certified draugtsman (and no i don't want to be a draughty in the army :p )

    i'll give the consulate a bell once i get round to it and have the wits about me to ask the right questions in the right manner and get all the info i need.

    any more advice from anybody would be more than welcome!
  4. had this in my Inbox this morning:

    what do they mean by a UK sponsor? is it just a kind of reference? doesn't seem to be financial.
  5. They mean a person who will accomodate you during your application process in the UK; and for reference. Doesn't have to be financial, though it wouldn't hurt. You'll need a UK address too, hence another need of a sponsor.
  6. excellent. loads of family and mates all across the UK so that's not a problem.

    i'll have a chat with them online then and see what comes of it.

    would i be able to speed the process up just by getting on the next plane and to the recruitment office? would i have to make an appointment?
  7. thanks again, i chatted with a SSGT the other day and established that the best way for me is to fly to blighty and present myself asap.

    just one last question, how long could the process take from visiting the careers office until i go back for the BARB test take? if it's just a few days then i'd stay there and visit relatives and see friends to kill time, but if it's a few weeks i'd fly back home to (hopefully) earn more money work on my fitness
  8. Process takes anything from 3 to6 months
  9. i gather the entire process does yes.

    i was wondering about the time between the first to steps, 1. going to the careers office 2. BARB test
  10. only took me about 2 weeks from stepping in to going for barb test
  11. How long would it take you to fill in the application form and get it back????
    Hand in form and do the Barb.
  12. excellent. reading the stuff round here made a completely different drawn out impression on me.

    btw i think your ?-key is blocked mate.