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Hey, im a canadian whos bascially been preparing to join the British Army (Para's Specifically) for the last 3 years of his life (im going to be 18 in march). I will be starting the overseas application process in late March/April. There is no qualifaction questions, but I am curious of two things;

A) How long does the process (once you get to travel to the UK) usually take (someone from Australia/NZ/Canada would probubly know best for my case but any advice is appreciated)? ( Site says can take up to 2-3 months but ive also heard from a few canadians (who at least claimed to be RAF gunners) that they got in after only 5-6 weeks)

B) Considering I get accepted and am waiting how often does Para intake usually take?/ WHen can I expect to begin training?

Any knowledgable advice would be appreciated.
Aw nah, although I did find that...Toronto Boy I think that explains it. But nah really I just never considered myself Canadian always an English/Scottish Canadian. Family Thing really. But I have nothing but respect for the Canadian Forces, people may poke fun at equipment but when the shit hits the fan a Canadian will get the job done, with a pocket knife if need be.
Hmm another Canadian teenybopper who’s all gungho to be a Para. What our army not good enough? I think this is Canuck 123 coming back for another round.


FYI word of advice, when you do get people like that, the best job is to just let them burn themselves out. Normally if they dont get a rise within a few days they get angry and childish and make an ass out of themselves.

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