overseas application.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by livebythegundiebythegun, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. First of all what a fantastic site. its hard being in another country and only having letter corrospondence and what you read on the official website to go off. i am from MIGHTY New Zealand, and am saving and training to come over and join the British Army, The Rifles Regiment (with sights set on 5th Rifles, (Excuse the pun.)) I'm saving money with the intent of applying for a Tier 5 youth working visa, because of the lengthy App. period a job will be essential. however with this form of visa, Am i still eligible to start my App process. i have been through the overseas cell but am not content to be denied work once in the UK because of the conditions of the Overseas cell joining prosess. Anyway bullshit baffles brains so ill keep it simple. Any info at all would be gratefully received, also if theres any Riflemen reading this who want to enlighten me with any regimental knowledge, you have a captive audience in me.

    I am not a Civvie, I served with 16th FldRgt 163 Batt RNZA (Gunner Field), so i do know a small amount of what is entailed with the training, but again, you are the ones to know, so im all ears.


    All the way from Kiwiland (Go the All Blacks)
  2. hahaha we won the Tri-Nations!! :D anyway gud luck with you application. i can only manage to get a visitors visa so your lucky
  3. im joining up from overseas and i dont have to get a visa but im joining up from germany maybe thats different
  4. Hey Kiwi Boy,

    I am from NZ too and joining up too. I just completed my applications forms/medical forms and waiting on a reponse from them. Initially they wouldnt accept my application because of the 5 year passport we can only get now due to the new The Passports Amendment Act 2005. But I contacted the embassy and NZer's have a 6month free visa to do the applications. Once joined you have to get the UK work visa.

    On regimental information you can try fivetodo on this forum and he can point you in right direction. He is a recruiter and has helped with alot of my questions. But there are alot of former rifles members on here and they even have a section here in the forums..u just gotta find it.

    Anyway good luck :D .
  5. Once you join you get a visa exemption to cover you for the time you are serving, as long as you have a legal right to enter the UK and hold a UK or Commonwealth passport you are okay to apply anyway :)

    And you can apply whilst on a visitors, work or student visa :)
  6. Hi fivetodo. Just one quick question if you join either infantry or RAC recce would you definitely finish the recruiting process and start with training within 6 months from arriving in the UK because it would kinda suck if your visa runs out before you start with recruit training thanx
  7. Thats a good question and one that no recruiter would be able to answer for definite unfortunately.

    Based on the current recruiting climate with jobs very thin on the ground, if you were to apply today then there would be a slim chance you could be in for February if you are going for Infantry.

    If you were going for an Infantry cap badge like the RIFLES that is pretty much fully manned then you would need a minimum of a grade B to be even considered in reality ;)

    In short, and by my estimation it can take longer than 6 months, especially when you factor in that your medical health and your fitness are out of our control (we can advise you, but if you do not make the grade physically then it will slow you down).

    And to the applicant from Germany, then if you are a holding a full UK passport and are living overseas because your parents are based there then it stands to reason as a full UK citizen you are not going to need a visa ;)
  8. wow that is sad news tbh :( cause i can only get the 6 month visa and ive been told if your visa expires you would have to start with the process all over again now i dunno if i should still go for it and risk it or not because i really want it
  9. think we have enough immigrants swanning around over here for now thanks, suggest you stay over there. we re full
  10. Nesbit how do you find yourself on the recruitment forum having lied your way around the Royal Corps of Signals! you have a nerve to even be on a forum associated with the Military ffs!

    Take note everyone, this twat is more of a disgrace to the uniform than any ******** that ever spouted a war story without having served, listen to this knob at your peril :D

    I would prefer to serve alongside 100 immigrants other than a walting ******** like you :D

    Anyway, back to the visa issue.

    Your visa is your responsibility, if your visa is due to expire you simply contact UK immigration and explain to them that you are joining the Army, 99% of the time they will extend it, but you do not have to restart anything in terms of your application i can assure you, all the paperwork and selection tests are valid for a year specifically to accommodate applications that can take a while (and plenty do).

    I have dealt with a few applications before that have needed the applicant to extend their visa more than once :)
  11. You do realise that for most of us Saffas, Kiwis and Aussies (exeption of thr Fijians) wouldnt be in these far flung corners of the world if it wasnt for colonialism the majority of us who join up would have been born and bred in the UK. Excuse me for wanting to join the army from where my family originally came from.
  12. Hey Five, do you get the visa exemption after yo pass ADSC or when you start basic?
  13. Stewi, take no notice.

    Most people have more right to serve in the Army than this cretin, complete embarrassment is the only thing he has ever been able to say he has ever achieved :D
  14. Haha lol thanks Five, so now I am joining up from South Africa and have already started my application, just waiting for the info pack. Concerning the visa, us Saffas can only go over on a 6 month visa which is a pitty as its such a short visa. So now do you get the visa exemption after you pass ADSC or when you start basic training.

  15. Once you have passed ADSC and been allocated a date to start training you are then allowed to apply for a National Insurance number and if needed we are allowed to write a letter supporting your request for a visa extension (until you have a date for training we have no obligation to help you with the visa).

    If your visa is in date by the time you go for attestation we then issue a letter to the immigration department stating that you are now starting training, they then take your passport and stamp it with a visa exemption until such time as you decide to leave the Army.

    A lot of people migrating from commonwealth countries to the UK specifically to join the Army fail to understand that if they fail to finish training, they have their visa revoked and are then subject to full immigration regulations again ;)