Overseas Application to Sandhurst

I’m writing this post because I am wanting understand more about what my chances would be for applying to train at Sandhurst. The issue is that I am currently working overseas and I understand there are residency requirements for being eligible to apply to Sandhurst. After doing some research I saw that there was a residency requirement of 5 years of continuous residency in the UK that was removed in 2018. However, I noticed in a different forum somebody mentioned that despite this the security clearance needed to be an officer would expect me to have been in the UK continuously for about 3 to 10 years. I saw in a government document that it wasn’t mandatory but that it would be difficult to be able to achieve the appropriate checks without it. I am posting here because I am wanting to hear if anyone else has any experience with a similar situation. For further context, I am working as a teacher in Vietnam and I have Qualified Teacher Status in England. Both my parents are British and live in the UK, I was born in the UK and have a British passport. I am wanting to join to become an Educational and Training Services officer.

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