Overseas Applicants. Very limited jobs on offer.

Hi the following is the email i received recently from the Army:

Thank you for your recent correspondence with regard to applying to join the British Army.

In order to fully inform you of opportunities currently available, you should be aware that there are limited jobs available in the British Army and these are as follows:
Royal Artillery
Infantry Soldier (Male Only)
Royal Armoured Corps Soldier (Male Only)
Royal Logistic Corps Chef
Royal Logistic Corps Logistics Specialist (Supply)
Royal Engineer Resources Specialist
(only those with a high level of spoken and written English will be considered for this job).
This list is only current as of today and may change if less vacancies are available.

Please be aware of the following eligibility criteria:

That a maximum of two applications to enlist are permitted. No further attempts will be allowed through the British Army Overseas Cell.

You MUST be British/British Dual National/Citizens of the Irish Republic or Commonwealth citizen to be able to join the British Army.

You MUST be over 16 years of age, and apply before your 32nd Birthday.

You MUST have accommodation in the UK.

You MUST have enough money to pay for your own flight and to enable you to live in the UK for up to 6 months.

You MUST have a minimum of 5 years remaining on your passport.

All applicants MUST have completed Secondary Education up to the age of 16; we will require verification of this.

You MUST have a UK sponsor, who knows you and is willing to sponsor you. We will be contacting them for confirmation before your application can proceed.

‘You are required to have a person in the UK who knows you and is willing to act as your sponsor and be a point of contact whilst you are completing the application process in the UK. You must provide your sponsors full name and address. An e-mail address and/or telephone number will not be sufficient. You do not have to be accommodated by your sponsor, however, if your sponsor is not accommodating you, you must provide an address of where you will be staying for the duration, you must travel to the UK with sufficient money to cover your food, travel and accommodation for the duration of your application. Current guidelines recommend that you have at least £500 per month and be prepared to accommodate yourself for at least 4-6 months. This is merely a guideline; there is no guarantee that you will be enlisted; we cannot always foresee the issues that can cause delays. You should be aware that we will contact your sponsor at some stage during your application process; they will have 4 weeks in which to reply to our letter.

You are not entitled to any financial assistance from the British Army whilst your application is being processed in the UK’.

If you satisfy all of the above requirements and send all of the proof requested below your enquiry will be processed.

Please send the following information.

· Your full name (surname last),
· Your date of birth,
· Your Nationality
· Your full postal address, including country. We will not send mail C/O a third party or a business/college address.

· A photocopy of your passport to show your passport expiry date. If you are applying by e-mail you need to provide the issue and expiry date as we are unable to open attachments.
· Your UK Sponsor ' s full name, address and contact number.
· You MUST include any previous application number.

Please note: Due to the high levels of interest to this office, if you do not provide us with all of the requested information we will be unable to proceed with your application. In line with data protection, all incomplete applications and all related correspondence will be destroyed

Thank you

British Army Overseas Cell

My question is does this criteria regarding limited job opportunities apply to me or are Irish Applicants not considered Overseas applicants?

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