Overrun by septic tanks

Maybe we can benefit from the invasion of our allies afterall we now share a common ground.

Welcome to the AVN forum, and maybe we can get a bit of an Apache debate thing going down.

Remember! Play nicely with the septics, punch ups in the NAAFI bar please
OOOPS sorry this is apache stuff thought it was interesting stuff how dare a lowly groundie enter the domain lol
No, I think you're on the right ground 'Tiger...septic tanks are probably more interesting...

Alternatively, we could indulge in that toilet humour thing about the similarities between a septic tank and....no, OK, you're right....
Met some septics recently in the UK. They were, as normal, gobbing off about how much bigger things are over the pond and then the subject turned to the gulf. Having read it, I couldn't help asking them what the difference between a British Soldier and an Iraqi Soldier was. Bewildered looks and an answer of no let me say to them "Welcome to the United States Airforce".

Some minutes later when they didn't get the message from me or the brickies in the same bar, I asked what americans used for contraception. There were so many answers that I said to them that due to the amount, and that no one knew the best one to use, this was probably why I was talking to to$$ers like themselves in the first place.

They finally let the dime drop and went to bed......Bless them.
Re the Apache thing , was in discussion with a native American a few months ago, he was of Commanche heritage...............said the Apache were sh*te 8O :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Less talk of Injuns - you will have XXXJake-our Native Septic mate-back again spouting off
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