Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brummieboy1, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Walked into town today, as I do most days. Outside the parish church is the war memorial. On Saturdays there are sometimes a bunch of happy-clappy christian type people on the area around the memorial.

    Today they had got loudspeakers on the base of the actual memorial, and were playing this loud pop music to attract punters. When I asked why they were desecrating a war memorial, they started telling me how jesus had died as well, but he had died to save us all.

    I told them to bore off, and that in my opinion, when those men got it they would have been asking for their mothers and NOT for jesus.

    When I came out of the shopping centre 20 mins later, they had gone.

    Did I overreact, or did I do the right thing.
  2. I'd say 100% the right thing as i would've done the same.
  3. Hell yeah you did the right thing
  4. You'd better just hope that Jesus doesn't come after you now.
  5. I would have gobbed one of the hippy scumbags!
  6. Sounds ok to me. You can also rest assured that Jesus will forgive you.

  7. I think you're lying. That didn't happen at all did it?
  8. Its like with Christmas the way the fake desecration of our war dead stories come earlier every year
  9. right thing to do in my opinion
  10. Stop being a cock Flashy. Let the kids speak, there's a good lad.

  11. Oh dear. Stop drinking you bullemic crack whore.
  12. Your spelling is wank, and I'm on duty you mong!!!!
  13. Thats never stopped you from being shitfaced has it? You're not exactly professional are you?
  14. No, you are absolutely right, I am completely wank at my job and everybody hates me. I'm fat, ugly, have a shite dog and no fella.

    So how's you?
  15. Because, of course, you so are Flashy?