Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by pensionprisoner, Jan 7, 2009.

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    went to the naafi today to buy a car mag,
    the price on the front was 1.95 pounds.
    went to the cashier who asked for 3.98 euros!!!!

    At todays exchange rate this is equal to 3.95 pounds, more than twice the uk price. It is the same ripoff on all NAAFI mags papers etc.
    Upon questioning this difference i was informed that it is the shipping costs!!!!

    are they taking the pee???

    Is there a law which states how much profit a shop can make on a particular item before it is classed as a rip off? If so may i nominate the NAAFI in Germany.

    P.S. Arnt most papers printed on the european mainland?
  2. NAAFI have always been a rip-off!!
  3. I think shops can charge what they lik, You can buy something in Harrods for twice the price of the same item in Tesco.
    NAAFI have alway been a bunch of fleecing bastards and always will be. They have some very senior ex officers on their board.
  4. Nothing new there mate! They'll come out with the usual blah about transport costs ect! We used to have meetings with the manager upin 'Falling-Bar-Stool' about the pricing and he explained that if want fresh produce on the shelves then we've got to bump our prices up, when asked why all the cleaning products had in the region of about 150% mark up he couldn't explain it......................TWWWWAAAATTTTS! Everybody in Germany boycott the rubbing cnunts for a week and watch them sweat like a blind lesbian in a fish shop!!! :x
  5. Aye, bunch of thieving buggers the NAAFI. They make the most of their money from the lads who don't have transport and who it is too much of a hassle to go to the nearest Tesco's.
  6. its always been the same - they say that they also give some money back to us as well, And that their prices are linked to our LOA.

    I,m glad to be out of BFG now so i dont have to pay the robbers. Also if enough people got together and complained and the monopolies commission was informed. I sure they could get done as well, through not allowing any form of competition near their places.

    Naafi always been a rip off always will be.
  7. Try as hard as you can not to buy their well over priced products. If everyone did they would be forced to take their masks off.
  8. Don't spend £3.95 on a magazine about motor cars, get a life instead!
  9. Why not take a subscription out? - works out cheaper
  10. im going to.
  11. Get alife???

    Wth a name like cuddles, i think we both need to!!!
  12. Pensionprisoner: to those living off the backs of our armed forces; ripping off the troops has been a favourite pastime, and for a very long time.

    Perhaps even since WW2, or earlier, I don't know, a stellar cast of cynical leeching "services to the Forces", and loan sharks, car salesmen, insurance floggers, and many more, have been peddling their particular brand of thievery, disguised as services.

    The only difference is what they call themselves.
  13. Indeed, spend it on porn instead
  14. Too true blob, too true..................... nothing changes eh? Non profit making my arrse. :wink:
  15. lol