Overpriced footballer gets 6 years

Lee Hugghes got six years for killing a bloke in his 50's in a car accident last November and for failing to turn himself in for 36 hours.


Premiership footballer Lee Hughes has been jailed for six years for causing death by dangerous driving.
The 28-year-old West Bromwich striker was convicted on Monday of causing the death of father-of-four Douglas Graham in Meriden, near Coventry, in November.

Mr Graham, 56, died after Hughes' £100,000 Mercedes car ploughed into the Renault in which he was a passenger.

Hughes, who had denied the charge, fled from the scene and did not turn himself into police for 36 hours.

Second offence

He was convicted at Coventry Crown Court on Monday, following a six-day trial.

The jury took 90 minutes to reach its decision.

Hughes had earlier admitted failing to stop after the crash last November.

He also admitted a second offence of failing to report an accident following the collision.

In a statement released after the verdict, Mr Graham's wife Maureen described the impact the loss of her husband had had on the family.

Douglas Graham died from the injuries he received in the crash

"Something has been taken away from my family that can never be replaced," she said.

"We know that we must now simply attempt to come to terms with the loss.

"We can only hope that the person involved will acknowledge what he has done to my family.

"Nobody can understand the huge amount of grief and stress that has been caused to my family over the last nine months."

Severe injuries

Mrs Graham said she had never heard of Lee Hughes before the tragedy and had no interest in football.

She said her husband had followed the fortunes of Coventry City - one of Hughes' former clubs.

The court heard earlier Mr and Mrs Graham, of Eastern Green, Coventry, had spent the evening at a country and western night at a Meriden community centre and accepted a lift home from Albert Frisby.

Mr Frisby, who spent three months in hospital after the crash and is now confined to a wheelchair, told the court how he saw Mr Hughes' silver CL500 approaching on the wrong side of the road.

Mrs Graham, who was in the back passenger seat with her husband, also suffered severe injuries in the collision
Also read somehting about a French rugby player slotting his wife when he was pished. :?


Good riddance. Let's hope he doesn't drop the soap in the showers too often.


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Bloody travesty.

He should have got much longer.

Now if only the Great Satan hadn't finally abolished capital punishment......

But to echo Viro, this cretin Hughes has shown he has no regard for life so I also hope the bereaved family and the crippled driver hit him in the only spot that matters to him - his bank balance
ViroBono said:
Excellent news. I hope the deceased's family now bring an action to seize his ludicrous earnings as compensation.
Never a truer word spoken. Another player with his head in la-la land. Above justice? Good sentence but should have got longer. But with remission he'll do a third of the sentance. May even appeal and get less 8O . Hope the injured parties get a good solicitor and take this idiot for everything.


Great news. About time one of these prima donnas got his just reward.
Drunk drivers should be put away for a mandatory life sentence


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