Just been payed over 2k into my bank acct even though i left the TA over 6 mths ago. Recieved a letter this week after asking me to send them a cheque,less the £60 they really owe me and then we can proced with the discharge process.Now bearing in mind this is third time this has happened , am tempted to tell them to get fcuked and ram it. Of course once i have come back from holiday i would over to pay it all back , maybe at 4 or 5 pound a week. Any suggestions ?


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If you told them to f**k off you'd have legal action taken against you. Not worth it.
Have you spent it all? If so, that was a bit of a bad idea if you knew you weren't due it. If you've still got it all, clear it off your flick and get it sent back.
Best solution to getting overpaid is to stick it in a biscuit tin under the bed and hang onto it. If they haven't claimed it back in six months, go mental and spend it all. :)
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