overpayment of AIP

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jackdaniel, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. hi everyone,

    I'm fairly new here so sorry if this has been discussed already. Got a question about overpayment.

    Basically I left the services about a year ago, and recently I got a letter from SPVA saying that in 2007 I was overpaid about £250 of AIP. And they want it back.

    Where do I stand on this matter? Obviously I don't remember getting paid this back in 2007, and from the experiences I've had over the years I don't really trust the army pay system! Am I within my rights to ask for proof of this? do they have the right to ask for this back seeing as it was their fault and so long ago?

    any advice anyone could give would be helpful.

  2. good question, im in the same boat as u, just recieved a letter saying i owe money from over 3 years ago. f*cking joke, and no im not paying it back
  3. Write back to them politely asking for them to send hard copy proof showing you were overpaid and:

    1. Suggest that it may be more cost effective for SPVA to approach the treasury for permission to write off a piddling amount of money which may end up costing more to recover.

    2. Ask that if it is eventually proved that you were in fact overpaid this amount, how much per month would be an appropriate amount to pay as your current circumstances do not afford you to settle this amount immediately.

    Remember that SPVA can recover the amount supposedly overpaid by taking it directly from your pension so you really do need to put across the desperate effect it would have on your circumstances if it is eventually proved to be an overpayment that must be re-paid.