Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bensonby, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Someone I know spent their summer holidays from uni with the army doing some jobs for a different unit.

    As far as I know the accounting &c. went something like this:

    To get paid they signed a seperate FTRS contract as the CO was granted a lump sum of money to spend on personnel for some specific jobs - but was not allowed to spend it on anything else. Therefore he hired some TA bods to do his job for him.

    My friend signs the contract, does the work for a few months and then (eventually after JPA delays) gets paid a month or two after its all done.

    Fast forward 6 months and then my friend finds 6 months worth of back-pay in her account in one lump sum.

    Of course she has to be honest and goes and tells our pay clerk about the sum whilst ring-fencnig the amount in a savings account. The clerk says they will look into it and that it will have to be paid back.

    This is now a couple of months ago and nothing has been heard. But looking back, due to some administrative fcuk up it looks like the FTRS contract she signed for this 3 months or so of work was actually a 12 month contract.

    It all sounds like a bit of a fiddle by a CO/Adj to be honest. I keep telling my friend that she shouldn't spend a penny of it and keep it there earning interest, but I have a nagging (and growing) feeling that she may indeed be entitled to it.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this? Has anyone had anything similar happen? How long do issues like this take to sort out?

    I've told the story as far as I understand it - and if anything doesn't add up then I've obviously got details wrong...
  2. A bit harsh Biscuits. I mean, don't your lot love finding people who are ready to inform for a little 'blind eye'?
  3. I'd just leave it in a savings account for a while if it was a 12 month contract then she is indeed entitled to it, they messed up she has the benefits.
  4. Now you come to mention it, a former senior officer is purported to have preferred a little 'brown eye' (allegedly).
  5. 8O - I wouldn't have posted if she hadn't already owned-up to it!
  6. that's what I'm thinking is the best course - but goodness knows how long it will take Glasgow to give her the all clear...

    ....if it was indeed a 12 month contract that is being honoured (for 3 months work) then there may even be another installment....

    lucky bint!
  7. Then why did you post then? Not happy with the result of soemthing which was none of your business? Hoping to drop someone further in the sh*t? Stir it up a bit?

    You sound like a right snivelling two faced little c*nt.
  8. Not at all, I'm just interested in how long these things can take. It is all above board and in the system - I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and can confirm/deny my suspicion that she may actually be fortunate enough to keep the cash.

    And, the woman in question is actually my missus - so I have a bit of a vested interest.

    Well, I am a rozzer after all... :roll:
  9. So, you're married to a thief then?
  10. Sh1t, do you know as well? I thought that little incident had been buried???
  11. If it was a 12 month FTRS contract and she's being paid for it, she owes the tax payer 9 months work.
  12. So, not only is he married to a thief.....he's married to a lazy one.
  13. Yes she will have to pay it back, and if she only did 3 months work on a 12 month contract, then she could be technically AWOL!

  14. Why not use the money to buy Premium Bonds? If she has to pay money back then she just cashes them in and that is that, but she might come out smelling very nicely indeed whilst waiting to see what happens. A friend of mine is self-employed and he does this with his tax money and settles up at the end of the tax year. The return he usually ends up with is less than the interest rate in the bank but hey, he might drop a big one.