Overpaid twits!!

The donkey-walloping chinless wonders of the Umpty Umph Qweens Own Weddgiment of Horse?
leeanne, so you think that everyone in the Army should be paid the same? Very 'Red' of you.

Or do you believe that people should in some way be getting paid the equivalent of their civilian counter-parts?

I'm not going to try and justify to you why I get paid as much as I do as I don't think it is required.

If you read some of the other threads on the AAC bit, you might find that the RAF (which we despise on the whole, for numerous reasons) has towed us into line.

Consider this if you will and I am in no way trying to sound arrogant.
Pilots are considered to be 'professionally qualified'. We have a commodity that a civi employer would want. I.e., military flying training and experience (training currently worth over £2 million I believe, pilots course in excess of 18 months, conversion to type 4 months ish, experience worth it's weight in log book hours). Therefore our flying pay is retention pay as opposed to 'danger money' (fellow Lynx pilots may disagree).

If we got paid the same as say an RLC driver of equivalent rank, you will find no pilots left in the Corps after four years (time bar on completion of pilots course) and the airlines full of AAC blokes waiting to get paid 40K a year plus expenses and overtime.

Nothing against what an RLC driver does, it's just a case of what the general salary of the equivalent qualification in the civi world would get.

How many AAC pilots do you know? Or do you just have a vision of what you expect them to be like compared to RAF *******? We are not like my namesake, Lord Flashy! You might find on the whole that we are normal types who have come from very humble backgrounds (ex-grunt, comprehensive skool education myself) that have found the DCI that states anyone can apply for pilot training. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be on a Majors wage as a SNCO. My choice, my luck. It ain't rocket science. I even know of a couple of RMP's that have passed!

Want film star wages, do it! You might just find that you can do it. Chicks can pass :-[
Dear Lord_Flashart,
You know, Your actually right! I don't have a blimming clue about the AAC, I just thought that it would be nice to pick on someone different for a change.  But what I do know is that they do earn a heck of a lot of money, and by the sounds of your ever so amusing story (and I don't mean that sarcasticly), It actually sounds as if they deserve it!!!!

So Congratulations young un; You've actually managed to prove a good point to me - Which not a lot of people can do!!!!

Blue Peter badge for you :-*
Leeanne - you don't happen to be in the R SIGNALS and are Irish by any chance?

If so, nice to 'see' you again after all these years.

I am an overpaid arrogant socialite.  I own a car with sh!tty gas mileage and a huge blaupunkt.  I drink fine wines and eat belgian chocolates, usually trickled down the chest of a nubile young lady.  She in turn sniffs lines of cocaine off convenient parts of my body.  I do not live in a mess, but a palace.  Every meal is a banquet and I get paid a ridiculous amount.  I am due a large sum of money, measured in the tens of thousands for which I do not even have to get out of bed for.

....and I am a Lynx Pilot.

- you are not.

...should have worked harder at school?  Well I didn't, so that may not have helped you either.

Modesty does not permit me to go on of course, but I would be delighted to hear you expound more views on the subject.
Yes, brilliant answer - just what I expected!!!
I just love knowing how the rich men spend thier money!!!!
This nubile young lady - Are you sure your not talking about a Barbie doll here????
And no! I'm not in the R Signals!
And no i'm not Irish, but keep guessing!!
And I would really like to know where you get your Cocaine from????
And WOW!!! I'm actually talking to a Lynx Pilot!!!
I feel really obliged, haha
By the way, where thou art this Palace?????
Dear Leeanne,

Sorry to let you down, but Christopher Robin is, in fact, a boring jerk filling a fantastically dull staff appointment about which he is massively enthusiastic.  He has turned a little to fat recently and his skin condition shows no signs of improvement.

Last time he went anywhere near an aircraft it was being flown by me, but that was quite a long time ago as I have been avoiding his company of late because of the court case.

I am single, fantastically well paid and up for it.  Pass Christopher your contact details and he will pass them on to me.

Best Wishes,

I am a BAT...an acronym dreamed up by you pilots... despite this, I will jump to your defence.  Unless the uninitiated have the chance to see real tactical flying, they will never really know what you and the cabs are capable of.  Now......I know they are boring, but could one of you do a ground run for me?  

I could not stand back and see a young girls head being turned by yourself. After looking after your 3 grandchildren for you the other day as you went to play bowls, I know you claimed Hilda (the Lusitania survivor) was much enamoured by your rhetoric, but this does not mean in any way shape or form that you are a love bunny.
Single you may be, but it  is not for the want of trying, 42 engagements in the past 4 months? are these the actions of a sane octaganarian?
Also, seeing as you are very nearly a crab now anyway, I had to stand up for a true blue (desk bound though he may be) and on a seperate wage bracket (down to 75% soon a Christopher) at least he was Cav and still dreams of Wotary unlike someone I could mention who prefers to fly A/C that probably carried Hilda (see line 4) in their hey day.

Myself on the other Hand, I am an upstanding, Handsome (lets not deny it) rich, almost single (if they dont find out i'm married) Lynx Jockey with eough Ego for two, so If you would like to pick number three leeanne, I wouldn't make you cry.

PS can I buy you a beer with my 30 grand.

PPS yes I am overpaid, No I am not a twit (although my aforementioned colleagues probably are)

Regards N Genfire
Hats off to you guys. When I was in the Infantry you  would come and get us at times and places, and in weather, that the RAF seemed less than keen to operate in. Try getting them out on a Friday afternoon for starters. Indeed, you got me into flying, as after I left I got my commercial flying licences (real planes :). I think you'll find any whingers are usually office types who haven't been up to their necks in mud etc.

A belated thank you to you all.
Swift And Bold:  You have my deepest respect.  Doing your ATPL from scratch is a particularly difficult and time consuming process.  I wish you godspeed and safe landings.

Stained Eligius:  The fact is that we (squawks) are all very proud of the stirling work you (BATs) do to keep us all safe and sound.  It's a sad fact, though, that you share the risks with us (Gornji Vakuf & Leicestershire).  We are brothers.

N Genfire:  you are, and always have been, a particularly sad specimen.  You have to fly Lynx in order to fit your colostomy bag in the back seat.  You need to be on Salisbury Plain in order that you are not required to map read (age has taken it's toll on your eyesight).  You are the only person in the Corps who makes me feel young and vigorous, now that Stormin' Norman and Uncle Sam have gone.

1.  Can you spare me a ciggie.
2.  Can I buy you a drink with my £50k?
3.  Why are you not running your own .com by now?

Best Wishes,

Mark. ;)
I would like to remind everyone that there are groundies about who 'earn' a lot than us, who take our lives in Westlands hands each time we lift.

Over the water, there are at least 2 'groundies' who are:

On enhanced flying pay, presently £34.22 a day.

On LSL(A) , meaning they will shortly have ALL their pay (inc. flying) pensionable. (£45000+ and earn this until 55, not long to go?)

In receipt of FRI bonuses (1st issue £20000 total) despite being past IPP (unqualified for FRI)

Taking up flying posts. (aircrew are not undermanned!)

One of whom still managed to be promoted, against conditions of LSL(A) (increased status) [nice 2's trousers!!]

Have not flown for at least 3 years and give no useful aviation input into the Regiment.

Now how does that work?

How many more are in the system ????
"to be repeated in new forum"
Good luck to emm !!!! (Maybe im one !!!) ;D

mark, no you cant have a ciggie and yes I will have a beer and yes I have a .com (bricks an clicks m8 bricks an clicks)
Mapled Frog!

Are you telling me that, if you were in the position of the two `groundies`you mention, you would turn it down & say...

"no thanks - I will take a pay cut because I don't think I can morally justify the nice pay rise/bonus you are offering me"


Grow up & realise that life isn't fair - have you ever thought that the individuals you talk about might not have chosen to be `groundies`?

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