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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by beerdrinker5, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Yeah mega, lucky you having an lsw eh?
  2. Sounds like you had fun!
    Just remember it's not a game we play and make sure you try the real thing when you are old enough young man :)

  3. So thats where all the blank the TA don't get ends up...

    I reckon we should start deploying the CCF on ops.

  4. b#####ds!!!

    As OC of a CCF Army section, this year I have approx 1500 rounds (blank)for all activities up to camp, and a simlar amount of ball.

    Quick question, why were your cadets not firing from the prone position when there was clearly no reason for them not to???
  5. Go away little boy and play with your toys, Bet you'd shit yourself if it was the real thing, I'm not impressed at all
  6. Why do you think they are getting all of this pyro then? Telic 12 I believe is the plan...
  7. Get a haircut you bloody hippy.
  8. and sort that stupid accent out[​IMG]
  9. What school is this?
  10. Haha, you can tell they're CCF- check out the hair
    I just wish the ACF were as well funded...
  11. Leave him alone you cnut at least hes doing something constructive instead of hanging round street corners and being a little tw@t.Young lads like this fella might be the soldiers of tomorrow give them support and encouragement and not negative comments.
    He would probably sh1t himself if it was the real thing but then again he's not a trained soldier is he.Who doesn't shit them selves when the rounds are flying everyone does but its the training you get as soldier that makes you carry on with the task in hand.
    He's a young lad having a bit of a laugh within a military type enviroment cut him some slack ffs
  12. Oh yes, you should not be firing kneeling unless the ground dictates that you cannot fire in the prone position. No evidence of that in the phot.

    And as for the issue of blank ammo, you're hard done to barbarasson, I had 1000 rounds for one patrol (10 cadets) on our last camp. And this was one section of my platoon. The other two sections had a similar amount, the other two platoons in my company had a similar amount. And this was just for one day of a three day exercise.

    The other company of 2 star cadets would have had the same amount as us. Then there are the two 3 star company's who, as their exercise is 4 days, would have had more than we had. There were also 10 sections of 1 stars, the're only out 2 days so they would have had a little less. The 4 star company are on exercise for 1 week so they have more blank ammo and pyro than the rest of us.

    I haven't tried to work out how much that amounts to but it's got to be many tens of thousands of rounds. And this was just one camp.

    Do any other CCF/ACF units suffer a blank ammo shortage?
  13. Get a haircut you posh twats and get your f*****g headress on.
  14. I do have to agree on these points but also why no BFA

    edited to answer own question I love google

    The L98A1 Cadet GP Rifle (GP - General Purpose) is the standard rifle for British Army, Air and Sea cadet shooting. This weapon was introduced alongside the SA80 series from 1989 onwards for cadet use, as at the time cadets were not permitted to fire semi- or fully-automatic weapons.

    Whilst practicing fieldcraft, on occasion cadets may use the GP rifle to fire blanks in fieldcraft scenarios. Because the L98 does not have a flash eliminator a Blank Firing Attachment (BFA) cannot be fitted to the muzzle

    I feel such a cnut
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