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Just had an invite to this "cause" on facebook - Join my cause: Find every British Forces supporter on Facebook By joining this cause, you can help accomplish its mission: To find every British serviceman and woman, and their supporting family and friends on Facebook.

Now, is it me thinking too much, but would'nt a group like this listing (in theory) every UK serviceman or woman and their friends and family be a terrorists wet dream and christmas list all rolled into one?
Call me paranoid, but I wouldn't touch that with a bargepole.
I'd say it's a tad overly paranoid, yeah. I can see your logic but people are much more aware of privacy issues surrounding facebook now, besides serving soldiers could be deployed, on base or back in their hometown at anyone time anyway, even if the location of one was public. Also, a fair few walty types would also clog up the list.

Finding a specific John Smith from Norwich is a lot of work, especially if you end up tracking him down to find he's a chef.

On a side note though, I do find the creation of such a group troubling for a different reason. Seems everyday a new twitter/facebook support the troops page crops up. Now, its a great message to spread, no doubt. But I can't help feeling the whole concept would work much better if there wasn't a million of them, not vetted for content or legitamacy. call me cynical.. but I think a more likely problem from such a group would be the not inconsiderable possibility that it's been set up by a business who essentially data scrapes the people who join (and plenty will, because not joining at least one such group marks you out as something of a cnut) to form mailing lists or for market research purposes, so they have something to flog.

I also think it would be much easier to ensure better treatment of troops if one official group was provided, instead of splitting the numbers of people who believe in such a concept between a million groups almost none of which achieve anything.
Why doesnt a bird have a group like : Come join my group and you can boot my back doors in????

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