Overland from Teheran to Istanbul

Discussion in 'Travel' started by björn, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Hullo all,
    Rather bored today at work so came up with the idea to travel from Teheran to Istanbul overland. From the information I have gathered its definitely feasable, although I understand the situation may be fairly volatile in some areas, which I definitely intend to avoid. No use being daft.
    Was wondering whether any of the far travelled members of ARRSE have ever attempted such a journey and, if so, would they have any information or pointers for me?
    I'm fairly well travelled in the Middle East, but have never been to Turkey or Iran. Not too worried about Turkey but about the information in the border zone is rather sketchy and Iran in general come across as way too urbane and easy.
    Many thanks in advance for any information!
  2. Don't take an iPod.
  3. This would be an awesome trip, and something I've looked into doing next year. There is a direct train from Istanbul to Tehran, including a ferry crosiing on Lake Van. It's all faily easy to arrange, relatively cheap and seemingly very safe. Just don't take a MOD 90!

    Have a look at www.seat61.com. This website kills ours hours at work.

    Hope this helps
  4. Search the web for a Landrover forum as people doing this type of trip often use LR vehciles.

    The the Iranian Embassy Website in London. Try site is mainly in Farsi but there are bits in English.
  5. Many thanks for all the replies. Will have a peep at all the sites. Was wondering whether anyone had actually been thereabouts (on hols)?
  6. No, but am planning it myself (if I can get the girlfriend to cover up for a bit :D )

    The Guardian had a very good piece on it a week or two ago, in the Saturday travel section. It'll probably be be on the website, minus the excellent photos.

    Costs around £37 IIRC...
  7. I did the trip with an overland company in 1993. Travelled up from Syria, round Lake van and Mount Ararat and crossed at Tabriz.

    It was during Winter, so the weather wasn't that terrific, and it's also PKK teritory, so was a bit dangerous. (The Turkish Army had a scrap with some fighters on Mt Ararat when I was there).

    The Iranian side of the border seemed so much cleaner and better maintained but with one side idolising a secular leader (Ataturk), the other idolisong a rligious leader (Khomeini).
  8. Been to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan a couple of years ago. Beautiful countries! Must say I had no trouble whatsoever, even though I was travelling alone. Based on that I reckoned Turkey and Iran would be fairly safe.
  9. What a great idea - the rest of ARRSE could go along, too!

  10. All right I'll bring a couple of space hoppers