Overkill? Double-Barreled .45

Sweeett, can the double barreled SLR be far off?
'Thats 4,000 grains of lead sent down range in 5 seconds" Prison Officer McKay from Porridge neck twitch, "with a 9mm that would take 30 rounds and 2 mag changes....." But at least some of the 9mm rounds would be on target.
I would have expected that pistol to end up smacking him between the eyes. It seems to be well ballanced because I couldn't see him gripping it that tightly.
I think it was Glock that originally tried this design but they halted tests as they found that their special polymer superglue kept on yeilding after two or three rounds.

The 1911 has again proved that it can be made to do virtually anything...and without glue, polymers and elastic bands.


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Wonder how long before it appears in the next Call of Duty...
And the guy seemed like the perfect Bond villain/hired assassin.

Interesting concept though!
...only in America... Also they should sell a holster (preferably concealed, in-pants) with it. mental that is.
Seems a bit pointless, a snail mag and stock a la Luger would be better. And as easy to hide!
Wonder what happens when you get a hang-fire in one of the chambers? Presumably the other barrel will carry on unlocking the slide in its normal firing cycle....
Two triggers? i assume for LH / RH firers, but each trigger opperates both hammers!? As 4(T) says, i would be inetrested to see the barrel alignment and the fall of shot in relation to each other at different ranges.
Nothing new about double barrel pistols..

Be VERY worried if you meet someone with one of these..



This is the greatest blasphemy against the 1911 since the Kimber Ten-II. Its engineers are going to burn in pistol hell right next to man who disigned the Barak SP-21.

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