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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by retired_taz, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. At the weekend I was sitting, with she who must be obeyed in a local Café for the obligatory Cuppa whilst out doing the weekly shop.
    A family were sitting behind us, Mother in her 40’s and daughter who looked around 17/18.
    A statement that the daughter made (rather loudly – my hearing is not what it used to be) made me wonder what the hell is happening.
    The statement was about her getting a flat with her mate and “ as she only got £600 per month on the social” she could not afford a flat on her own, but with both of them getting that amount they could afford it between them.
    Now to me £600 per month equates to £150 per week tax free for a single woman of say 18 yrs of age. That is the benefits she is entitled to – and from what she was saying she knew exactly what she could and should claim for.
    What astounds me is that it has obviously been decided by the great and the good, that a single young person needs £150 per week to live on. If this is the case why is it that a pensioner only requires £96 to live on (£150 for a couple) – that’s the basic pension for a single person in receipt of the “old age pension”.
    To me it beggars belief that the young require more than the older, who need to find the additional cost of heating etc, just to stay alive.
    I am not yet in receipt of OAP - but will be in a few years, luckily I have the mil pension also so I won’t need to live on that sum.
    Is it only me that thinks that benefits for all people should be based on the amount that the government believe is the correct sum for someone in receipt of OAP?
  2. I have no idea how she can get that amount of money, I am a single parent with two teenagers at school, and my son will not get EMA after the summer either. I get a part pension which amounts to £53 per week the dwp says this is enough for me and my two sproggs to live on and they refuse to help me in any other way. Its all about knowing what to claim for and how to work the system (which I know nothing of) If you dont know exactley what to ask for the dwp will not tell you everything you can claim for, as they dont want everyone knowing they can get more money... I would rather be working personaly I like to aim higher than the gutter.

    she will be claiming for a disability (depression is the best one to go for as its the easiest one to fake and all she needs is a sob sorry to her doctor, if she is getting what she said and staying at her mums)this would give her a starting point of £92 a week and will go up after 6 months in a couple of stages which stops real disabled people getting help. Also if she does get a flat she will claim housing benefit which could be up to £400per month depending on if its private or council accomodation, also a reduced council tax..Fecking spongers should all be made to clean public loos with tooth brushes every day....

    So no retired_taz your not alone in your thinking, however unless the lazy spongers arent dealt with and money reduced, or better still shoot them as the waste of space they are;they will keep working the system;they are not contributing and never have why should they be paid !!
  3. You are being very generous letting them use toothbrushes - should not bare tongues be the order of the day?
  4. I would but I am scared of the germs on their tongues...as Idont wish to know where they might have been and could be more minging than the piss soaked floors.....!!!lol
  5. I think your suspicions here may well be true cheekyrby.

    I have very strong feelings on the way in which disability benefits are organised.

    There are those who can genuinely do nothing usefl for society for genuine reasons, and I would support to the end we should l,ook after them.

    But they are few arnd far between.

    We need to get away from the black or white, healthy or disabled, get the benefit or donlt get the nenefit.

    We need to move to a society which finds work in the ability range or people to contribute.

    Thus someone unable to mobilise well enough, or eve, for example, needling oxygen available, may well be able to work from home with phone lines and a computer, as do I.

    There is ample ecidence that many on disability benefits are able to live lives on the internet, why mnot make this productive?

    Depression is a difficult area, but occupation for most forms of deprssion I am sure would be medically supported rather than otherwise?



  6. This page may be of interest to you

    Benefit Rates for 2011-2012 in the UK from the DWP - Page 1

    The base rate for IS is £65.45 per week for 2010-2011. That's the legal minimum to live on. If you're getting a pension of £53 a week then you are under that rate. If someone at DWP has told you that £53 a week is enough for a single parent with 2 kids then a) The form has been filled out wrong or b)they're a dribbling idiot. Having had the delights of claiming on and off over the last few years I'd pick option b.
  7. Blame the parents, my kids would rather die than not support themselves. The youngest one found a new job within a week of losing his old one and the oldest has moved three times to get jobs or to improve the job he has. If you bring your kids up to expect everything to be done for them then they will be only too happy to live off the State.
    If there is one good thing this Government does it'll be to get some of the great unwashed into gainful employment. As soon as the squeeze begins to bite then they'll be falling all over each other to 'shop' those who are playing the system, if only to ensure there is enough in the pot for them.
    I've every sympathy for the genuinely disabled or those who are unable to find work as long as they make every effort to support themselves first and only turn to the State when all else fails.
  8. kitmarlowe, I have always been employed up till recently which is more than 20years, I am more than able to fill in forms correctly,the local dwp are at best pathetic...they told me that I would not be intitled to anything from them...which means you probably do know more than them or they are not doing their job correctly( which is more than likely)
  9. My brother in law has just split with his Girlfriend. She has the small child and a private rented terraced house (that she moved into 2 weeks after the split)

    She reckons she has £600 a month spare. I am self employed, married with a child (slightly older) wife full time employment and we have no where near £600 a month spare.

    Also, there is the internet access, mobile phone contract, Sky, etc etc.

    You guessed it, on the sick with Bi polar....................
  10. I will see your 600 quid a month teenager and raise you Toorpakai Saiede, the Daily Mail's asylum seeker of the year.

    Like so many of the wounded squaddies and flag draped coffins that we see on telly, Ms Saiede and her 7 kids are fresh from Afghanistan. No leaky bedsit, shop doorway or council waiting list for her though. The Saiede clan live in 1.2 million quids worth of mansion on the fringes of Westminster thanks to 150,000 quid a year in housing benefit. Of course, there's also the income support/jobseekers/council tax benefit/student loans etc etc that takes the family income to almost 200 grand a year.

    Not content with that, she's now up in court for (would you believe it), benefit fraud.

    So let's raise a glass to Toorpakai and her vibrant, diverse household. For taking the absolute, feckin' piss to an entirely new level, we salute you madam.
  11. I was dead chuffed when I got my extra 25pence per week on reaching the age of 80...........
    so, don't worry lads, if you live that long think of all ............aw........F*** it..........I'm going back to bed.
  12. Why does someone from Afghanistan have to live in Central London? Surely she could be placed in the suburbs or even further up North where rents are cheaper? If she has no relevant skills that would require her to live in London then she should be moved to another part of the country. She will still be safe and will cost us all a lot less.
  13. Or possibly she should move to one of the various countries alot closer to Afghanistan.
  14. Maybe it is that enshrined in housing law that people should be housed near their relatives?

    Perhaps we should not open up our standards lf living to all, but agree only to house people as to the mimumum standards of housing acceptable in their own country?
  15. WE? Who is this WE who think we have a say in anything?