Overdue bounty and pay: going to DEFCON 4, 3, etc.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kookullin, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Pay issues crop up here a lot. Sorry if the info I am asking for has been given elsewhere.

    How do I escalate a pay or bounty issue beyond DEFCON 5 (ie, a private discussion between my PSAO and Glasgow, in which I am not involved)?

    What are the steps towards Global Thermonuclear War on the issue? I mean -

    DEFCON 4 - talk to RAO
    DEFCON 3 - talk to Adjt
    DEFCON 2 - talk to Regl 2IC
    DEFCON 1 - talk to CO

    When, if ever, is it OK to go outside the chain of command and call Glasgow myself to find out what the problem is?

    I'm owed quite a bit of money from 2005 plus my bounty, although I have been paid for more recent stuff.
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  3. Thanks. But are there no alternatives to chucking letters around the place? No informal chats, no back-room deals?
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    No. Keep it formal, it's your money.

  5. Pay really is a joke in the TA isn't it? I mean what other organisation would get away with such incompetence, or be so bureaucratic that you can't speak to the people responsible directly to solve things. I haven't been paid since rejoining the TA 11 months ago. I've now taken it up with my MP. Hope his representation will solve things.
  6. it don't get any better, i have been in for many years and are still waiting to be paid for an annual camp two months later. :x
  7. That's because your unit's admin is toilet, didn't they say the same thing last year ? " By the time you get home your money will be in the bank ".
    At least Billy Smarts go into the field....
  8. That really is rather gash! Do none of the gown ups in your unit bother with things like that?
  9. You cannot talk to Glasgow direct, never ever. They will blow you out.

    Have you not got a SPS clerk who can help you out?

    Glasgow can only be of help if they have had the data to process.

    1. Can you get sight of the PAM50s/TAMIS/FORGE/UNICOM records for the missing pay
    2. Did you pay slip ever say 'CO Cert Yes'
    3. Are there others in the same boat.
    If none of the above are true then you/your unit admin has some issues.

    If you PSAO is some dead wood knacker then it needs to be in writing as suggested above. Ask to see the evidence that the unit has processed the pay (a simple thing to do on TAMIS or FORGE). Only then is Glasgow and options, and your SPS clerk can bypass the system on this one for you (mine would).
  10. AFAIK there are several reasons why you may not have been paid/received bounty.

    The TA has now fully adopted FORGE (computer system for pay). This system was designed to pay regular personnel at a set salary each month, and is particularly bad at the TA who have irregular working hours and pay amounts. It will not accept pay for three reasons:

    1. Late drill sheets/ARs.
    2. Personnel with no Army number (recruits).
    3. Personnel with no Army number (awaiting security clearance etc).

    In these cases pay has to be submitted manully, i.e. put on paper and in an envelope and posted to Glasgow.

    Bearing in mind that there is maybe 1 person at Glasgow dedicated to dealing with these, there may be thousands of manual pay sheets to deal with at once. This situation is made worse by the mass influx of UOTC applications in October and the hundreds of pay forms generated by camps. The forms may have been lost in the post so check this.

    To make sure that you are paid on time ensure the following:

    1. Always sign on the unit drill sheet prior to training if at all possible avaoiding ARs.
    2. Hand in any ARs well before the pay submission date.
    3. For new recruits/transferees, ensure that nothing is delaying your Army number clearance (e.g. references, security issues etc.).
    4. Ensure that your UNICOM/FORGE details correctly show your Rank/Qualification details. Check that you have no outstanding paperwork delaying your clearance.
    5. Always request a cash payment for camps and courses.

    If you have a grievance ALWAYS use your chain of command. Us Pl/Tp Comds are there to fight your corner and to take the sh*t from higher. There is nothing that pi**es off the AOs, RAO and RHQ staff than hundreds of personnel turning up at their door whinging (as they see it) about pay.

    There are ultimately two ways to improve things (I direct your attention to the latter):

    1. Accept that the TA is a second income of casual labour there to supplement your main income. You will always be taxed at basic rate on anything you earn from the TA and should not rely on or spend any TA pay before it is safely in your bank.

    2. After raising your concerns at your unit, write to your MP and ensure that whenever the Bde Comd/GOC visits let them know that "The APC at Glasgow is undermanned and the computer systems dealing with pay are incompatible for the TA way of working. If a civilian firm had been underpaying me for this long or this amount they would be at an industrial tribunal by now. Sir."

    Apolgies for long-windedness and over use of numbered lists.

    Lt P
  11. LOL it must be near christmas this happens every year when the lazy arrse hole's can't be bothered to put the pay run in on time or at all and we all have to wait.still wont keep nagging on here im off to nag to the powers that be who make shore they get there claims each month and other perks on time and they go on about the x factor they dont get. must go wish everyone a happy xmas and a debt free new year leave the ta and get a proper job that pays on time for less hours.good luck "out"