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"Overdoing" it at training - Deadlifts???

Whoever said a hip hinge exercise is a good idea is spot on! I break easily and don’t heal quick. I’ve been deep squatting for about 12 months now using a kettlebell. I’ve learnt a lot about how my hips function as a result and my lower back is in the best Nick it’s been in for a long time. Personally I’d only do what I could with good form with plenty of breaks. Unfortunately you don’t get the just been to the gym feeling if you do that. A set of 21s at the end of the session can make up for that.
taking dead lifts frequently to (near) failure is bad practice. Utilise variations and varying rep ranges to continue to progress the lift. I'm a big fan of slow eccentric Romanian dead lifts myself as my main variation. SGDLs and SLDLs as well.

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