Overcrowded prisons...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. ..could they simply build oil rig type platforms in the North Sea and use them as prisons? Who would want to abscond then :wink:

    Yes there will be protestations about family visitations and the cost to the taxpayer. Providing it had enough popular support then surely that would justify the cost?

    I do realise that there are other issues to do with prisons. Such as many suffering from mental health problems who don't belong in prisons. Not to mention many of these so called open prisons where inmates have absconded or escaped.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Far too expensive. Use redundant coal mines - out of sight, out of mind and very little chance of a successful escape, as well as providing employment (and probably the customers too) for ex mining communities.
  3. I can't understand why they don't do what the forces would do if there was a shortage of accommodation, double up the beds. Or isn't that allowed unless your inmantes are innocent servicemen.
  4. I have no problem at all with the prisons in this country being overcrowded.

    As far as I'm concerned the conditions in prison should be as cramped and squalid as possible. Something along the lines of Sona in Prison Break would be good.
  5. I do have a problem with them being overcrowded when it means that the judiciary are too reluctant to hand out heavy sentences because of a lack of space. Not to mention many not even serving their sentences fully due to cramped prisons. Not to mention these open prisons where many prisoners have absconded and are at large.

    Using former mines sounds like a good idea, and even using the prisoners as labour (depending on the severity of their crime). However no doubt the EU parliament would quash any such action (Health and Safety).

    However the point of my question is to look at facilities that could be created/converted to be used as prisons.
  6. If prison wasn't such an easy option, then there would be less criminals, as they might think twice about the consequences. This is about the only matter that I think the Americans have got right. There are no Sky TV or pool tables etc in their prisons. Let's have some chain gangs as well, or is that politically incorrect.
  7. Just heard on the news that one inmate at Lincoln prison has topped himself so that means one vacancy. How about a noose in every cell with comprehensive instructions on how to use it >????
  8. Of course it is too un-PC for the faggots who run this country. I could sort the overcrowding problem out in one day with my Fire Support Group! :)
  9. Wipe them out with some 7.62 then leak a story that they were taken by green men
    The lefties would be all over that like a rash waiting for the second coming, problem solved
  10. Banks are moving their call centres to India to save money. Why can't the prisons send all their inmates to Chinese prisons. I'm sure that the Chinese would accomodate them for a very modest charge, without worrying too much about overcrowding. This would save lots of money, and increase the deterrent effect considerably.
  11. How about shipping them to the FI on mine clearance duties or maybe South Georgia to break rocks or something. Deffo not much danger of escape with the RN on patrol. Rations are no probs as there are plenty of sheep on FI and loads of penguins or whatever on Georgia. :twisted:
  12. Hands up who read Sven Hassle?

    Simple, penal units, drop 'em off and let them get on with it, plenty of so called hard men in jail, I'd love to see how big they are in the thick of it...
  13. I saw that programme on TV about the 'Tent City' jail in Arizona. See, THAT's what prison should be like.

    No sugar, salt, pepper, tobacco, drugs. No privileges no fukcing around. Mes s up and get hammered. Chain Gangs, searches and everyone wears pink - just because they hate it. Bonus!
  14. Make them earn their food, sleep and eventually their discharge from HM Prison.

    Send them to a prison at the opposite end of the country and stop giving their families free travel to and from the prison.

    They are one of very few who DON'T pay a toll over the Humber Bridge!
  15. I think we have got something here. OK it would be expensive to ship the filth out to China and visiting would be another problem......... So how about contracting our prisons out to the Chineese. I'm certain they would be able to fit plenty more in what we currently have and be able to set a quality standard that no con would want to sample twice :D