Overcrowded Prisons? Solutions Please...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snapper, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. One of the Davids was going on about building more prison places recently ....

    .... Maybe theres another way ? Reducing the crims ... Way to go ... 8O 8O 8O

    Guess there's no chance the 'The Great Leader' will try getting this through before he gets shown the door? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Fecking hell, that guy isn't here to mess about.

    Hang 'em high, hang 'em quick.

    The US rope industry would have been over the moon if that bill had become law.
  3. This is the man you need to run the British prison system

  4. I totally agree, what can you say? Feck up and reap the whirlwind :oops:
  5. Call me a sentimental old softie, but I say bring back zyklon B.
  6. The Bill seems OK but more money would be saved by stopping the feeding of the prisoner 3 weeks before the date of execution. Reduced food bill and elminate the expense of a hangman.

    Note though, that juveniles and servicemen stand a good chance of avoiding the ultimate deterrent. I propose an amendment in which juveniles are notionally aged by 21 years and service felons receive a back-dated discharge from the forces to a month before the crime. The latter part of the amendment will save even more money.
  7. I like this bit the best! 8O

  8. Quick! Get me 5 million shares in British Ropes!
  9. How about tatooing fig 11 on their foreheads and let us use them for ITD training? "Targets WILL fall when hit!" It would be the best APWT ever!
  10. Can't help thinking that this has already crossed the mind of Gordon Brown in order to save a few quid. How big is the black hole in his calculations for this year?

    There would be no traffic offences warranting the death penalty though (goose that lays the golden egg and all that....)
  11. By cutting off the food supply of the offender, you are forcing a re-calculation of the drop required to snap his neck efficiently. I say feed up the offender, give him too much drop and rip his head clean off. It means a messy pit, but hey!, thats showbiz!
  12. we need these guys here now!
  13. We could run it on pay-per-view tv on a Saturday before the football.

    Make a killing in more ways than one. :twisted:

    edited because I was typing with my elbows!
  14. I have an idea:

    Give the crims a chance of freedom.

    Get ten of them locked into a room, and a shutter comes up and there are ten pistols on a table with nine rounds in each.

    Battle Royle for the next ten minutes and then let the last man standing out.

    If they offend again they have to go through the entire process again, but this time with one less round. They then lose a round for every time they re offend.

    It would reduce the prison population, and will provide wholesome family entertainment.
  15. Bring back Ordeal by Fire, Skeffingtons Irons and the Maiden. Then hang, draw and quarter followed by impaling on pikes. Especially for Chavs - I hate Chavs me!