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Overated stuff

Name two of the most overated things in the world.A Manapuri yank
claims they are Mack trucks and teenage pussy.
Over to you.......
1. The Millennium Bug. Yeah And?
2. Bird Flu. Must kill...oooohh, 10 people a year - globally.
3. Global Warming. Anyone ever heard of the Ice Age? Lot of cars around then. Climate changes - work with it.
4. The Oscars. Who gives a mach 3 fuck which crappy onanist wins what?
5. Any TV reality show.

That'll do for now. My head is going to explode......
1. Any overpaid prima-donna arrsewipe of a pretty boy footballer
2. Beckham....all of them
3. Oasis...manc tw@ts
4. British Goverment
5. America

I could go on......

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