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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sa80cal, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys

    later on in life i plan to try to become a graduate officer in the parachute reg. but i have a problem.....

    im 14 and weigh an embarassing 9st 12 and i cant do full arm extension chin ups, i can do about 5 proper push ups before i need a little 10 second rest, and i can do about 5 proper sit ups before needing a little rest again can some on shed some light onto being a lot stronger and fitter please.

    cheers :thumright:

  2. You're 14, you haven't even reached full maturity yet mucker, so don't worry and keep healthy and fit by playing sports and going out for the occasional run. Think about this sort of thing when you're about 16.

    But if you're desperate keep doing the exercises in sets of 10 and 5 respectively.

    Otherwise play rugby!!!!
  3. Hell you're only 14, my 15 year old sprog can't even think about making his bed !

    Are you saying you weigh too much or too little ? Take 1 minute of best effort press ups followed by 1 minute best effort sit up. Repeat twice daily. Go for a run round the sports field at school on a dinner time

    Thats the spirit keep it up !! :thumright:
  4. i was thinking i weigh too much and cheers for the comments, i try to be enthusiastic
  5. how tall are you mate, at 14 you still have some growing to do , you probably still have puppy fat which will disappear as you get older ,especially if you continue as you are. as you plan to become a graduate officer,id say that you have afew years to push before getting anywhere near p company. keep up the hard work, good effort for a young un
  6. At the moment i am 5ft 3"
  7. Hello again sa80 :thumright:
    I woudn't worry about that weight too much mate, as you get taller you'll thin out a bit, give it a year or two. Mainly stick to sports at the minute, as already said go for the occasional run. You only need to really start training in a year or two. Have you been to the army careers office yet? They'll give you info on getting fit, stronger etc.

  8. just stick to playing sports and running every so often mate you will be fine
  9. sa80cal, I have no Para Reg experience but fitness is the same for all. Don't worry about press ups, sit ups etc. If you turn up to Basic Trg in good shape that's a bonus but not a neccessity because the training is designed to progressively take you from base level fitness. It's more important that you turn up in the correct frame of mind.

    So, do your thing, play sport, carry out upper body work regularly etc. and let the rest take its course. Good luck.
  10. Everytime you do something think "A Para would've done twice as good as that". Well it's what I did anyway, now I've passed selection and I go to Catterick on 25th March, just after my 17th, you have to be 17 by the way (I don't know if you know this, I didn't). I can just about do 50 pressups at the moment keep improving still. The run is the important thing lad. If you want this as much as I do you will achieve it in the end. By the way is 50 pressups max in one set anywhere near good enough to turn up at Catterick with?
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Your 14, wait till your at least 16 like others said, if you injure yourself you'll regret it, wait till you start maturing a bit, when I joined I was only 9 and a half stone, soon changed. By the time your time to apply comes you may have changed your ideas, if not use the time to get qualified and enjoy yourself!

    Remember the Army you see today will not be the same tomorrow. Remain flexible!
  12. A 16 year old calling a 14 year old 'lad'! It could only happen on ARRSE I guess!

    Majik_stu, well done mate. I think 50 press ups is excellent. Don't know about Catterick criteria but you certainly won't embarrass yourself. Good luck.
  13. At your age I was out doing 8 mile runs at least once a fortnight with a lot of free weights work in my own time - your body is at the point where any fitness regime will show very quickly so dont take the slow approach -by the time your up to the age you will be much fitter, stronger and more importantly have that edge to go para however there is a lot of mental toughness required too - get rid of your bike - run everywhere instead and dont neglect the upper body - dont overdo it early on though. This is exaclty what I did and have had no problems with my fitness since joining (Im 34 now)
  14. Good advice mixed with poor advice there Superdood. Our friend has plenty of time to take the 'slow approach' as you put it. What is the rush? What we did at 14 is not what we should judge to be ideal training just because we did it or could do it. Everyone is different.

    I was lifting weights at 9 and by 13 my weight training was often 5 days a week (mainly light stuff) with running most days and school sports too. I enjoyed it and could handle it but to be honest it was TOTALLY FCUKING STUPID and my parents should have reeled me in! My point is, it may work for some of us and if we do it by choice then that's fine - we can learn the hard way. If we advise a young person to train like this and they become fatigued (which is possible) then the adverse physical AND mental effect could be damaging.

    I certainly would not run everywhere. The bike is excellent cross training and you can build your endurance sitting in the saddle far longer than pounding the roads and knackering your shins at a tender age.

    sa80cal, the choice is yours. If you have a wise head on your shoulders I'm sure you will make the right decisions based on much excellent advice on this thread. I'm no expert and Superdood is not totally wrong. Just be cautious.
  15. Weight training at 14 is inadvisable. Some may do it and get away with it, but my understanding is that lifting heavy weights whilst your skeleton is still growing, can cause problems later.
    Crack on with as much physical exercise as you have time for. Running, cycling and swimming are all good. Personally, I have my doubts about too much football, so many footballers seem to have dodgy knees. Oddly enough, some of the best all round athletes I know play tennis. It seems to develop all round power for both the upper and lower body, sharpens your hand/eye coordination and reflexes, while giving a good cardiovascular workout. The same holds true for volleyball or cricket.
    Don't worry about your strength, that will increase with age. Keep doing your five press-ups a day, before you know it, you'll be doing 6 then 10 etc, you've got plenty of time.
    At 5ft 3" and 138lb, your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 24.4 thats at the high end of the "normal" weight category, so I shoudn't worry too much if I were you. Some of that will be puppy fat and may well burn off in the next few years.
    Be careful about what you eat, but not obsessive. A certain amount of fat in your diet is necessary for good health, just don't overdo it with the pies, burgers and ice cream. Eating healthily can be a pain, but its not a major chore to get a couple of pieces of fresh fruit down your neck each day.
    Good luck.