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Over-training or just a bit old and weak?

Fellow gym queens and work avoiders...

in the last couple of weeks, phys has gone from a thing of enjoyment to something I am grinding out, and at times, actively avoiding.

Background - I suffered a significant MSKI about 18 months ago, but have been through two sets of rehab (I got a bit over excited after the first bout), and am now MFD and in-date fitness test (1.5mile run in 9:57 at last test). Progression has been gradual, and under eyes of Physio and PTI - we're not in a scenario of massive increase over two or three weeks after relative inactivity.

My currently weekly workout is as follows:

M - Yasso 800s: 8 x 800m intervals (in 3:15 - 3:25) with a 2:30 rest. With 4 mins pre-hab before, 15 mins warm up, 15 mins warm down (light job).
T - Rehab - plyo work, bounds, single leg presses (5 x 5 @90% BW), plus 1 hour pilates, plus 30 mins of upper body work (Bench Press, multiple types of chins, curls for the girls).
W - 10km run in/around 52 mins cross country
T - Rehab - plyo work, bounds, deadlift (5 x 4 @150% BW), plus 30 mins of upper body work (over head press, BW rows with TRX), and 15 mins core (pilates based, clams, abdo-prep etc)
F - rest
S - long run - 8-10 miles trail/fell running
S - rest.

it's a relatively high volume, but as I said, I've built up to this over the last 12 months. As a guide, this time last year, I couldn't single leg press 30kg, nor could I run 800m. So far, so boring.

However, the last couple of weeks has turned from fun and enjoyable to me having to grind it out. Runs aren't about finding 'flow' and enjoying it, it's about cursing my quads and proper mental mantras to stop me just wrapping. However, times/pace/resting heart rate/1RM are showing either small increments or stabilised - I'm not going 'backwards' in any objective measurement.

So - is this a normal phase, or something else? Do I need to grind through it and sunny uplands will (re)arrive where I enjoy doing all this? I'm going to mention it to the physio later this week, but would welcome any other opinions/feedback. Underpinning this is that I'm now in my mid-30s, and aware that life doesn't get any easier.

ps - before anyone asks, my phys goals are to be able to do what ever I want, whenever I want, and in particular be around for my kids (and putative grandkids) in 50+ years time (family history of heart disease etc). I also have my eye on a coastal trail series ultra - either the exmoor or jurassic coast one, or the classic quarter, all in 2019.

Hmmm yes, this is a serious issue, unfortunately (and I’m sorry to have to tell you this), but you’re a minge.

No known cure :-(

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