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I know I might be getting boring now with all the posts ive been making on here recently but with Scrubs, 24 and im ashamed to say the OC maxed out I needed something else to watch...

So I, er yea I mean some friend of mine whos name escapes me for legal reasons somehow managed to download the first three episodes of 'over there' onto my computer and it's actually not that bad, a bit yank style 'hoo ha! fcuk yea!' style in places but if you get past that the show itself isn't actually that bad.

Plus loads of Insurgents get wasted in quite comical ways if your sense of humour is as sick and twisted as mine.

I'd recommend at least watching the pilot to see what it is like. It can of course be viewed on FX but im sure if you've already watched it on FX then it can hardly be conisdered illegal to download a 'backup copy' off one of those P2P Websites. Limewire, emule, ares, gnutella etc..........
If you're referring to the episode where the insurgent gets captured by the US troops, then we probably have the same sense of humour!
I tried to watch the pilot episode but just couldn't hack it, lost interest not far in and then kept glancing up every now and then but not much seemed to have changed...

My only recollection now is of a whole squad lined up behind a 50cm high berm calling in various weapons systems to destroy a mud hut over a period of what seemed like 48 hours with little effect.

all in all I just thought it was "Tour of Duty" moved from 'Nam to Eyerak
It is a bit 'Tour of Duty', but I have to admit to really liking it, got the box set a week ago. I thought it was a pretty decent show in all.
Nah I was referring to the pilot episode where the guy shoots the camel jockey with his 203 and his body just disintegrates but his legs keep going for a second.
Yea I play computer games and bitch about work mostly. Not much else to do in this god forsaken part of the country.

Could always go down town and chat up the inbreds I guess.... I hear 11 toes are sexy this year
Well, you have to take it for what it is: a TV show. "Merely ok" was the most raving review I've heard from any of the septics I know, but I suppose it has it's values.

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