Discussion in 'Infantry' started by redrat, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. Slow newsday in the office then?
  2. I thought it was about GW1?
  3. still cant get bunny to spell cnut
  4. Loads of clueless yanks whining and accidently killing civilians! SPOT ON as far as i can see.
  5. aaaah, so that is a recent picture then?
  6. Iam married to a Yank and she wont let me watch it any more.She cant stand seeing me laugh my head off for an hour or so.
  7. hard to believe a brethern will let a yank dictate movements.good luck
  8. Not dictating mate, didnt say I dont watch she just says I cant so its even more fun
  9. cool bananas cheap thrills
  10. Not watched it myself, but by all accounts it is a typical yank based bunch of SH1T.
  11. nice haircnuts though
  12. I thought the programme was very good never watched every episode and thought it was on the ball. Shows how many fick ups really do happen. I think season 2 has been stopped in production probably because some turban head complained pity it was very enjoyable.

    Names of the section: Sgt Screamer
    Mrs B
    Can't remember the rest how sad am I

  13. yeh its been stopped in the us......bit to realistic for the mongs to understand
  14. Wish they'd do a UK version - we'd have Cpl Baz, Ptes Taff, Smudger, Jock and Smithy. Gotta love the Army training videos.