"Over There" - Yank Iraq "Drama"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by regular_imbiber, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. Having a bit of a clear-out and found a DVD box-set that I'm ashamed to say I bought when visiting the Field Hospital set-up in SLB a few years ago.The only saving grace is that it's a pirate and cost me buttons. Anyway; heres the blurb from the back of the cover:

    "From producer Steven Bochco (NYPD Blue,LA Law,Hill Street Blues - which begs the question "what was he doing getting involved with this pile of poo?") comes the first scripted (eh?) television series set in a current,ongoing war involving the USA. Gritty,intense,evocative and emotional."Over There" takes you to the front lines of battle and explores the effects of war on a US Army unit sent to Iraq on their first tour of duty (it always is),as well as the equally powerful effects felt at home by their families and loved ones. A must-see for all Americans (ah,now I know where I went wrong), "Over There" is not about politics or policies. Its a true-to-life (mwah ha ha!!) depiction of our courageous soldiers - the everyday heroes who fight for freedom under extraordinary conditions. Includes an exclusive behind the scenes featurette."

    Thats what they say, but words cannot explain how eye-wateringly bad this is. I think I watched 2 and a bit episodes in the hope of improvement before giving up and nailing my testicles to a table.

    Anyone else seen, or indeed suffered,this?
  2. Its not as bad as "Ultimate Force"
  3. I dunno about that mate; did Henno grab his wife/bird and "christen" every room in the house before going off on an Op somewhere? A Yank did in this shit.Groan.
  4. Ultimate Force has A GHOST!! WTF.
    Tbh bother are utter shite