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I am helping to release the war series Over There on DVD. It has recently aired on Sky ONE, and as members of the armed forces I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to comment on how realistic the show is or just generally what they think of it? This would tentatively be for an interview with The Times, but would be very useful to have in general as well.

Over There is a war series set in the current, ongoing Iraq war. If this is something you would consider doing, but haven't seen the show let me know and I can try and send you an episode on a disc.

Ask the spams, most people on here thinks it's typical accross the pond sh1t.
Sylvia said:

I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to comment on how realistic the show is or just generally what they think of it?
The short answer is that you should have asked this question a long time ago, like before your team of 'writers' got off their faces and decided to describe their last paintball afternoon.

It's rubbish, I'm sorry because you all probably put a lot of effort into it, but in order to pander to an audience that you deign too stupid to breathe through their noses, you produced an unrealistic pile of nonsense. Don't worry though, you're in an expansive club. :roll:
The beginning of the series was truly dire. It frustrated and annoyed me that a single rifleman was trying to shoot a single muj with 5.56 ball, when he had a perfectly good M203 underslung his barrel. The characters were one and a half dimensional and lacked any real depth. However this is starting to improve although militarily it is quite shockingly bad.

Apart from the farting while the boys were eating piece last Tuesday which was truly accurate, as was the portrayal of the stiff-backed officer starting to unbend and actually relate to his lads. Obviously we should expect him to become beloved by the boys in the fireteam and then killed fairly quickly in accordance with the international standard 9001 for war-films... :twisted:

It is a pretty much 5/10 effort most of the time with occasional 8s and more often than not 1s or 2s. In fact the first three episodes were number twos all through! Great waps on the misbehaving alco wife though. :wink:
The one there the Journo got slotted was scraping the bottom.As Cuddles stated,the military angle is weak,I mean why would 'normal' soldiers be sent into rescue a hostage & not SF trained ones.
It was a cert that the Journo got beheadded but what puzzles me about it was (yes & I know it's only tv!lol) that why did the Army assaulters take out the other baddies before the guy with the chopper?
It's little things like that & other stuff like just how much ammo does each guy carry? I mean 1000's of live rounds turned into empty cases without a reload & re-sup?
It's thing's like that that we notice more than a civvie with little or no Military experience & that makes it such a hoot.
I was unlucky enough to sit up and watch an episode recently. Shall not be making the mistake again.

I was hoping for a bit of 'gritty portrayal of the tough decisions these soldiers make' type thing. Instead I got a load of stereotypes, finishing off with a naff ending after someone makes a call and it 'all ends up ok in the end'. Ridiculous stuff like:

General Bignob needs a good crew to do the tough job, so he saunters into the tent himself and grabs Sgt Whatsisface personally and tells him to get ready to get out on the ground.

Private Thingy eventually decides to shoot through the curtains into the building which might (or might not) contain the insurgent MFC. There is no proof that the occupant is an insurgent, but there is a woman and child in there. Once he takes the shot the fella falls out of the window and a radio and pair of binos roll dramatically out of his hand. Phew - it was the right decision...

Pretty naff stuff all in all. :roll:
I don't know anything about US tatics, but I know that the tactics in the show must be balls.

Unlimited ammo scales?

No mag changes?

What size are thier sections? We only ever see six

When they go out, they never carry day sacs or anything else. (Food? Sleeping system?)

Things that don't make sense. (When they were in the OP, why didn't the Iraqi's mortor the shit out of them?

Why would the Iraqi's mark trip wires?

Why would a convoy pull of the road to stop?

In short, it's bollix.
good point about the convoy pulling up off the hard stand! It nearly freaked me out when I got home after twelve months on Grapple/Resolute 1 and someone stepped onto the verge!!
I find the series entertaining, as it's meant to be, it may be unrealistic, but it never claimed to be a documentary, you telling me that you hate Predator because it's physically impossible for one man to carry and operate a minigun alone?
I agree with the varying score comment, it can range from 1-8 in a few seconds and back again, the "back home" segments are a complete waste of time, on the whole MTV warfare for the masses..

Looks like you have a bit of an uphill battle here. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear but if you can't slope this one off onto the office junior you could adopt the technique favoured for billboards by theatre reviewers in the West End and take the odd word from here and there to put a bit of a spin on it. Let's see ...

"HOW THE AMERICANS WON THE GULF WAR " 'gritty portrayal of the tough decisions these soldiers make' "It's thing's like that that we notice more than a civvie with little or no Military experience " "Great" "entertaining" and "a hoot"

That should be enough for the DVD case.

PS. I'd be happy to take my payment in cash, cheque or best bitter.
There are some good choreographed contact scenes , and the RPG through the cab window is a re-wind moment.

Your best bet is to pack the trailer with the exciting stuff, and leave out the "Previously in Over There" scenes , which are badly disjointed.

Do not make the same mistake that was made on the promotion of the film 'Serenity' that seemed to promote a sort of 'Spaceballs' as opposed to a very tight , gritty and enjoyable retro sci-fi flick. The appalling out of context trailers and substandard advertising ruined it.

Your biggest customers for this will be men, and that means lots of guns and firefights. As previously mentioned, the back home scenes are a waste of time, apart from Bo's rehabilitation. We're not interested in who was having sex with who , we want to see how the action is portrayed. The back home bits are really there to placate her indoors , who has to watch the thing.

There are "Whoooooooa" moments in Over There . The Suicide bombers car getting well and truly 'brassed up' at the checkpoint, The RPG through the window , some scenes from the first episode , the break in on the attempted Journo rescue the dramatic fight scenes at the end of the last episode etc.

You really need someone here from the Army to put a showreel together for you, one that will actually excite your target audience. You'll have to give them Beer Vouchers and the boxed set to work through , but I'm sure one of the Regular Army users with lots of tour experience in that part of the world may be willing?
The RPG scene last night was quite good. Having stood twelve inches from a passing piece of ordnance - which I was not expecting - that had been aimed at the group I was in, I can confidently assert that it really is a moment of complete and total oneness with the universe...and THEN you start to shit yourself up!

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