Over the limit?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. A drink-driver caught by police was eight times over the limit, a senior officer has said.

    The 36-year-old woman was stopped by Cleveland Police in Redcar and tests showed she had 275mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35. Details of the incident last September were revealed by a Freedom of Information request and published by the Middlesbrough-based Evening Chronicle newspaper.

    Ed Turner, temporary Chief Inspector of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: "I am shocked and astounded by the high level of that reading.

    "However that is quite a unique and isolated example.
    "I am delighted we managed to capture and prosecute that person."
    The reading was taken at 7.25pm. The circumstances of why the woman was stopped were not clear.
    Mr Turner said most people recognise the dangers of drink-driving on a night out, but many did not think about the next morning. Mr Turner said: "You really need to be careful and allow the time for the drink to get out of your system before driving."
  2. It's sounds a lot, and it is (for driving) but I'd be interested to know what I could blow on the breath test after a heavy night out. Don't fancy the actual drink driving bit to find out though.
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  3. Drink a Naval Tot (Grog - 1 Rum,2 of water 1/3rd of a pint),at 18:00 hrs,come 09:00 the next morning you would fail a Breathalyser big time! ;-)
  4. Buy a breathalyser Halfords sell them. If I have eight cans of strongbow the night before I still have some residual alcohol. If I have six cans none left. Ten cans puts me over the limit until mid afternoon.

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  5. The pisser about this woman is,she'll get a 3-5 year ban,and then be back on the road!

    Driving a few tons of metal around on the public highway is,a huge responsibility,if through drink driving you are found to have shirked that responsibility,by driving over the limit,it should be a lifetime ban,take away her toys,being irresponsible (and normally incapable),when in charge of a motor vehicle proves you are a wanker of the first order.

    Personally,I would like to see the law changed to no alcohol whatsoever in the bloodstream,end off!

    No second chance for 'drink driving'!
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  6. "The circumstances of why the woman was stopped were not clear."

    I'm guessing weaving in and out of the traffic, driving at about 3 MPH and offering everyone out...
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  7. I think the highest we've had in Kent was a woman who blew 370. The Doc said that by rights she should have been dead.
  8. I was in a prison reception some years ago when the highest ever recorded blood level prisoner came through the gates. It was a female police officer. Seems its been topped.

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  9. Not a breathalyzer, but when I was posted at the QEMH, amongst the group that I went drinking with was a lab tech. On Monday mornings, we all used to give a blood sample which he would analyze for the alcohol content (GGT), person with the lowest reading was deemed to have been slacking over the weekend and had to buy a round in the 5 to 1 club that night.
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  10. Over 15 years ago, when most PO's came from the forces..... fair but brutal, I used to drink in their local, near Brasside.

    Finished early one afternoon, went in for a quick pint and they were swilling the beer and whisky chasers back.

    "Finished your shift lads?"

    "Och no, Vinnie, we're just about to start......."

    Men of steel, no chavvy scrotes had a go at them........
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  11. Oh nobody cared then if we smelled of drink. I used to do three pints every lunchtime. Meet for a couple before night shifts, probably get in the shit for it now.

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  12. Bragging, complaining or double entendre?
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  13. Do you know a bloke called Richard Card? He's permanently drunk. Pull him over and give him a good kicking - put his typing fingers beyond use please.
  14. Fuck me!

    The higest I've ever seen was 170 and he physically shat himself in custody whilst giggling and saying 'Oops! Sorry'